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Finally! Raphael’s book is available!

Dear Friends,

I have woefully neglected my web page but I have good news! Ask Raphael is now available on Amazon for only $14.44 or just $.99 for the e-book. This book is what has kept me busy for over a year while the Archangel dictated answers to your many questions and some of them blew my socks off!

I’d love your feedback. E-mail me at with your comments.

Do support my podcast and my radio/video show live each Tuesday at noon on You can also catch the podcasts on Pandora and iHeart Radio. I love it when you leave comments on my e-mail. If you have a question, I will answer it promptly. Unfortunately because of some abusive, angry people, the radio station does not give me your responses immediately, so please use my email address.

As always I wish for you and yours a safe and happy journey through your life’s story as you seek peace, good health, and happiness. Raphael and I are here for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free reading with the Archangel by e-mailing me at

Good News!

Soon Holly Reusch will come to live with me and become my partner in creating a meditation center here in Florida. We’ve opened up the back acreage for a peaceful walk through the woods to our Sacred Wheel and a bit further to a beautifully flowing creek. You can walk our inspirational labyrinth and of course, enjoy lively conversations with Holly and me.

We will only take one or two visitors at a time due to the pandemic. We require you to wear a mask while indoors. If you live some distance, there is a lovely motel just around the corner from us.

I’m approaching my 87th birthday! I rejoice in my good health and give thanks daily for all my blessings! And YOU are a blessing to me. Take care of yourself. Meditate daily. Breathe deeply and smile. Angels surround you and are ready to serve you. God is within you glowing through you to others.  Spread the divine light as the “Light Worker” that you are.

Sending you an abundance of blessings, I am…

Betty Rae


New! Our You Tube Video “Ask Raphael”


I’m excited to announce that Raphael and I have started a YouTube video called, “Ask Raphael” It’s a new adventure as well as a challenge but who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

We felt the need for Raphael’s words of hope and encouragement during our “lock-down” because of the pandemic.  We’ve put up two videos so far. The first is called “About Health” and I quote the words of Raphael from his book, Letters from a Guardian Angel which is available through this web page. The second video is called, “About Creativity” and gives suggestions on how you can make the “stay-at-home” time valuable–in fact life-changing. What a wonderful opportunity to read that book you’ve been wishing you had time to read. Now you can pull out that jigsaw puzzle you’ve been meaning to work. Or how about writing your memoirs? You have dozens of stories to tell and memoirs are quite popular. Maybe you could even get it published.

But most importantly, this is a time to meditate and pray for our country and our world. Did you see how in crowded cities across the world, the shutdown has totally cleared the air and people can see at long distances for the first time in years? Wow!

There is so also much political unrest and so much misinformation about what we should and should not do that people must be confused and frustrated.

The greatest fear we have is the threat of death caused by the virus. Thousands of people are dying. We humans have this innate fear of death. We forget that everyone, sometime or another, must exit the planet and go back home to the world of spirit. We are made up of God’s pure spirit. We come from spirit and will return to spirit. Read about those people who have had near-death experiences. When they were told they had to come back they did not want to because they had gone to a dimension without the polarities, where there is only light, peace, harmony and joy. This is where we all go when we die. There is no hell, dear friends. A God of pure love could not even imagine a hell. Only us humans who live within a planet with polarities would conceive of such a thing.

“Be at peace dear souls,” Raphael says. “This too shall pass.”

But not as quickly as our president would wish. He’s like a little kid who is tired of the rain and wants to go out and play. And so, he’s trying to tell us this whole thing will be over by next month. He’s ready to open up the country too soon. Don’t listen to the president. Listen to the scientists and the doctors who know–not a baby soul who is more worried about his electability than the health of the citizens in our country.

Stay safe, dear friends. Stay home. And if you have to go out wear a mask and gloves. Wash your hands often. Cough into a handkerchief or your elbow. Stay six feet away from others when you do have to go out.

And use this lock-down time to meditate and pray for our country and for the world. Pray for those souls who may choose to exit the planet at this time, especially if they are unable to have their loved ones with them. But remember they are never alone. Their angels tend to them. Be at peace in knowing this is so.

Yes, this is a sad and scary time–but not so much when you trust that God’s plan is unfolding perfectly in your life. Trust that you are guided by angels and that you are held in the hands of God and lovingly looked after. No matter what happens, you are safe.

Blessing to you!

Betty Rae


Peace be with you!

Dear Friends,

I feel the pain and panic from our world in crisis with the new virus sweeping the planet. So many souls are being called home to God. Do not worry about them. They are filled with joy and look back on us with compassion and encouragement to keep on keeping on. We have such a short time here on our beautiful planet earth. Death is our exit off the highway of sentient life. We are really souls of great beauty and light, explorers of planet Earth. Raphael says we are made of light. We are fragments of God sparkling with immense beauty and profound wisdom. Let us all rejoice in our journey and be not afraid. Take this time of forced isolation to meditate and pray for our planet that many will be inspired to bring forth a solution to global warming.  Lift up your hearts and overcome fear. Begin to see our political world clearly. Know the lies are visible to all who choose to see. Vote in the primary. Let your voice be heard. Do not allow anyone or anything to stop you. Ask for an absentee ballot and vote.

Be at peace dear friends. Stay home. Stay safe and be well in body, mind, and spirit.

Betty Rae

Raphael’s New Book

Pre-order Raphael’s New Book!

Raphael and I are working overtime to finish the Archangel’s new book, “Questions for An Archangel.” We just read a bit of the book for a pre-record of our radio show on Tuesday, February 25th at Tune in for a preview of the book. If you missed it, we will be putting it on iHeart Radio where you can listen again.

We’ve already had feedback, “I felt transported to a place as a child, joyfully listening to story-time.”

Raphael’s wisdom is given with such love and gentleness that you feel safely wrapped in God’s arms knowing you are greatly loved. The information answers many questions: Who am I? Why am I here? Why do people do such terrible things? Where is my soul mate? How do I find a job and manifest prosperity and abundance? And lastly: where do I go when I die? All of those questions and much more will be found in Raphael’s new book.

We are setting up a pre-order form for the book, which I’ve priced at $16.95.

Our only desire to bring Raphael’s messages to everyone as quickly as possible so as to uplift and inspire you to become all God knows you can be, Raphael wants you to know how valuable you are and how much you are loved–and never judged.

Dear friends, do not hesitate to call us for answers to your own personal questions. We can set up a time that works for our schedules. Our cell phone number is 352-586-6065. We are on EST. Please do not call before 11:00 a.m., or after 7:00 p.m. If the line is busy, text us and we will get back to you. Or e-mail us at Raphael is always happy to serve you and we do not charge. 

People ask how I can afford to do that. My answer is that God has always taken care of my every need. I only wish while in my 80’s to share some of my blessings and joy for as long as I’m here on the planet.

May your life be filled with blessings beyond your imagination. May you hear the voice of angels and may you create beauty and goodness all the days of your life.

Betty Rae & Raphael


Happy Holidays!

Sleighbells ring. Are ya listenin’?

It’s twenty-plus days to Christmas and the music has started. The commercialism is upon us. Buy! Buy! Buy! And that brings Worry! Worry! Worry! What to give to cousin Sue or niece Becky? Where will the extra money come from?

Take a deep breath and relax. This is also a time for deep reflection on the year quickly passing. Many people come to ask Archangel Raphael a question…or two…or three. Most are troubled by finances and or relationships. Most worry about loved ones–those still here and those who have passed. Are they okay? Will they be okay? What can I do to help them? How often Raphael has cautioned that “worry” is negative energy and is not comfortable when you send to someone you love. Instead, he suggests you replace the worry energy with a gift of love in an imagined embrace, or a picture of angels lifting them up with inspiration on how to solve their problem…for it is only in solving their own problems that they grow in soul wisdom. So, don’t jump up on their stage and take that away from them–unless they invite you to do so.

If you’ve got questions for Raphael, help is on the way. Raphael has kept me very busy, literally  writing day and night, answering your questions in our new book, “The Divine Plan: A Path to Enlightenment.” It is in the format of a conversation between Raphael and me, giving answers to all your questions and then some. It is now in the hands of editors but as soon as that work is done, it will be sent to Kindle Direct Publishing and will then be available on Amazon. I’m very excited about it.

The archangel’s quiet and gentle discussions uplift and surround you with peace and joy. He stresses how God does not judge you, but has only total unconditional love for you. He explains how God is the energy by which everything both physical and non-physical exists because God’s energy is what makes it live and breathe and have its being.

Raphael talks about our souls being “explorers” of physical worlds and how we take on our “space suit” of a physical body designed especially for this planet. He reveals how perfectly we plan each lifetime to play a role while on “Earth’s Stage” as we act out the story our soul has written. How we gather our soul friends to play certain supporting roles while we also enlist other souls to be the challenger, the antagonist so we can work out unresolved emotional issues. He talks about addictions and how if they’re not resolved, we bring them back into the next lifetime. He also talks about how to be happy and content in the life we have created, how to turn inward for answers rather than look to others to solve your problems.

And I laughed when he talked about our spirit-self that I’ve called our “ghost body.” He says it is our consciousness, and how important it is to “raise our consciousness” out of fear and doubt into creating a wonderful life through integrity, the single-mindedness of purpose and utter confidence that anything is possible. He has had me give you “Open-Eye Meditations” that awaken your imagination and give you the key to taking an idea and making it a reality. Raphael also talks about “Global Warming” and gives us hope that it is possible to save our planet from human pollution.

But most importantly, Raphael’s book has opened the door for you to experience joy, peace of mind, and total unconditional love. When you know you are specifically designed to be YOU and only YOU, that you have all the power and gifts you need to live a successful, happy, fulfilling life–that you can achieve anything you desire… (except winning the lottery! Seriously, you don’t know how many people ask Raphael that question!}

I had a woman ask me today how many of my novels I’ve sold. I guess she equates success with money. Yes, there are people whose books make the New York Times Best Seller’s List and that brings them the big bucks. But I’ve not been inspired to promote Raphael’s books through lectures, book signings, travel and what all. I’m 85 and very content to stay at home and out of the limelight. That may change–and if so, I’m willing to follow any inspiration Raphael sends my way.

Today I brought my Amazon-Best-Seller novel, “Soul Mates & Angels–Bigotry” to the beauty parlor. It had my “author’s picture” showing me with white hair. I’d been dying it a light brown, but I asked the beautician to bring back my white hair. I’d decided to “act my age!” She did it–and it was a shock! I’m an old woman! Yikes!

And now Raphael has had me write this new book. Perhaps the archangel will inspire me to find ways to promote it other than this web-page. I do hope those of you who have been my biggest supporters will look forward to seeing “The Divine Plan…” on Amazon. And I do hope if you have not already read the Anita Lyn Series, you will hurry and do so and then let me know how much you enjoyed them by giving us a good rating. I am in the midst of writing the third novel…and already have most of the fourth novel written.

As if that isn’t enough work (But I don’t see it as “work” I see it as a joyous pastime), I’m also in the midst of hooking the seven Chakra symbols. I’ll have to take pictures and put them on this web page. They’re gorgeous!

So, dear friends, if nothing else, let this be an inspiration to you–even at 85 you can have a full and exciting life creating all the wonderful ideas God sends to you. Only you can grasp those ideas and bring them into this physical world as a reflection of God’s love and joy for you and for your world.

Be a gift to this world this Holiday Season–bring light, laughter, kindness, compassion, and inspiration to all you meet. Be God in action. Make this the very best holiday season of your life!

My gift to you this holiday season is a free message from Raphael. As I’ve said before, I no longer charge for this blessing. Just call me at 352-586-6065 and we can set up a time that works for you.

May your Holiday be filled with love, laughter, and joy!

Betty Rae

Fall fell upon us!

Hi Everyone,

I don’t know about you, but Fall snuck up on me and made me realize how neglectful I am about keeping up this blog.

I know how busy you are at this time of year. And so I’ll keep this brief. Raphael and I just wanted to let you know how loved you are, how appreciated and grateful the heavens are of your efforts at bringing peace, harmony, love, compassion, and understanding to all those you meet in your world.

At this time of great political upheaval, we all need to imagine angels uplifting our politicians to choose to do what is for the greatest good of our country and not for their own personal good. We need angels to bless our country and dissolve the divisiveness and prejudice that divides us. We are all one in God’s eyes. Let that truth be within our hearts and minds as well.

Raphael has been my guide now for over sixty years. The archangel’s messages are always “right on” and filled with unconditional love and the wisdom of God. Do not hesitate to call me to receive a message from this powerful being of divine light. 352-586-6065. I no longer charge for this service because I desire to be that “telephone” between the angelic world and our physical world. I’ve seen how uplifting Raphael’s messages are for so many people. I only want to continue bringing that love and peace even though I’ve now passed my 85th birthday. I’ve been blessed with amazingly good health because I know God wants his archangel to continue speaking through me.

Blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae

MIRACLES are Still Happening!

Dear Friends,

After months of being ill with acute bronchitis, I discovered I was allergic to my house! I had been treated by two different doctors and a specialist with no results, ended up in the hospital and received inhalers with steroids. And still I was not getting better. Finally, I called my long-time intuitive healer and herbalist, Ila Davis-Piclkelmann in Michigan. She said her guides showed that I had bacteria, viruses and mold in my lungs! And she gave me herbs and vitamin supplements to help heal it.

But Raphael reminded me of an ultraviolet light you could put into the vents in your house that killed bacteria. So I called my air conditioner guy and he told me about Sanuvox, an “indoor air quality comfort system.” Although expensive, I knew it was the right thing for me to do. And so on a Thursday, I had the technician install the system in the air handler of my air conditioner. Within four hours, my sinuses drained and I could breathe through my nose again! My cough loosened up and I was able to bring up a lot of thick mucus. Within a week I had regained my energy and felt great. It seemed like a miracle. But when I read the brochure, the first three of the twelve contaminants it said this system helped eliminate were “bacteria, viruses and mold!”–the very things Ila said she saw in my lungs–in that order!

Now, as you know, I do not advertise products on my web page, but today I am going to do so. First, Sanuvox Technologies, 514-382-5823 or 888-SANUVOX. Web page is

And secondly, I will share with you my dear friend, Ila who has helped me and so many people with her spirit guides and healing remedies. Her web page is

No matter where you live, today’s air is polluted, but Florida is prone to having mold, so I’m not surprised to find it in my new/old house. I’ve been here a little over a year for it to begin to manifest in ill health. I am doubly grateful to Raphael and all my angels and guides for leading me to a solution to cure me and my sweet little house in the woods.

Now Offering Meditation Classes

I’m situated on over an acre of land amidst beautiful woods, and have put in a walking Labyrinth as well as a Sacred Spiral. I offer meditation classes at my home at 3404 S. Michigan Blvd. Homosassa, Florida,  34448. I also offer the classes by teleconference for more than one, or one-on-one by phone. Although I no longer charge for my readings with Raphael, I do charge a minimal fee for the workshops because of all the handout materials I use. If you would like to experience a new kind of meditation where not only do you have visions, but I teach you how to “decode” what you see–so you can do it on your own. And that is the best part as you get far more information than just having a nice walk through the woods that often puts you to sleep!

Raphael’s Wisdom versus “The Law of Attraction”

Don’t hesitate to call to ask for a conference with the Archangel. His joyous energy fills you with inner peace and helps you surge forward with new confidence into creating the life you desire. Raphael’s wisdom teaches you the practicality of the “Law of Attraction” that has caused a lot of frustration as people try to follow Abraham’s teachings. The only “Law” you need to understand is the “Law of Love.” If you hate your job and gripe and complain about it–you’re cementing yourself to that job. But when you learn to find little things to love, when you rejoice at having a job, you being to loosen the hold it has upon you, and before you know it–you’re free! This also applies to relationships. I cannot tell you how often people are stuck in a relationship because of fear of “hurting” their loved one when they want to let go and move on…or because they fear loss of financial assistance, or… whatever. You’re in a love/hate situation and the Law of Love means listening to your own divine guidance with love for the God who dwells within you and whispers to you how to find the prosperity and abundance and JOY you are meant to create and experience. FEAR and DOUBT in your own wisdom from within are the destroyer of the Law of Love.

Don’t hesitate to call upon Raphael and me–352-586-6065. We’re here to help you live a more joyous and fulfilled life.


Betty Rae


Happy Easter!

Dear Friends,

Easter is a time of renewal, of rejuvenation, of rebirth. Be open to new ideas for problem solving. But most importantly, be open to receive positive ideas, positive thoughts and positive emotions. Do not allow worries, doubts, anxieties, fears, and depression grab you by the throat and choke the spiritual life from you! You are a divine being of Light–one with God’s perfection and beauty. You have been specifically created to be YOU! Only you can follow God’s plan for your life–no one else can do it. You are perfectly made to explore this physical world called Earth. Your desires, your needs, and your inspirations are worthy of being made a reality. Trust yourself and the divine breath that lives within you.

Please don’t hesitate to call me for a reading with Raphael. You can schedule an appointment by calling me at 352-586-6065. Remember, I do not charge. The information and pure love Raphael gives with each reading is uplifting and truly amazing.

Remember: you are here to create with God’s pure energy anything you can imagine that causes you to become passionate about. Then you must determine to make it a reality. You are God in action. Listen to the inspirations that come to you from your angels and guides and follow them.

Blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae

Ask Raphael

Hello Dear Friends!

If you’ve tuned in to my radio show ( at noon each Tuesday, you may have asked me a question (via the chat room where you type in your question) and where I ask Raphael to answer. I am then given the Archangel’s answer through inspiration shown in visuals or ideas, kind of like being a translator of the language of angels. The perfect love and joy that comes through is amazing and is felt by people from all around the world. I’ve asked my listeners to please add their state as a way of identifying them and yet allowing them to be anonymous.

I’d also like to report that these radio broadcasts are now on via your computer. I’m thrilled with this opportunity to share Raphael’s wisdom with many more people. And I’d like to remind you that my readings with Raphael are now FREE. You can ask for a consultation by e-mailing me at and we can set up a time that works for both of us.

I’m working on a newly revised “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven,” which one woman calls her “Metaphysical Bible” because it explains many once-secret spiritual concepts such as “raising your consciousness into joy” or learning how to use the “Divine Breath,” or learning how to enter your “Inner Sanctuary,” which is the “Kingdom of Heaven” within you that Jesus spoke of long ago. Raphael and I have written about many things in this book that help you understand why you’re here and how you can better function in your physical body and in the world.

While the concepts in “Life in 3D Merging Dimensions,” which is a book already published and was channeled directly by Raphael and is available here on this web site, “The Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven” presents many spiritual concepts that help you understand your world and the people in it. Whereas the first edition had a CD of meditations, this one will not because each person needs time to reflect on the ideas presented, and the CD previously recorded did not allow for that. Instead, the book now gives written guided visualizations allowing the reader time to open up the right hemisphere of the brain (your imagination) and thus it brings balance as well as an expansion of your brain power. When I give this as a course in person, I call it “Push-ups for the Brain,” or an “Open-eye-Meditation.”

While “The Keys…” is being revised, I’m also working on the third novel in the “Anita Lyn Series –Soul Mates and Angels.” It is called, “The Crooked Shamrock” and is about art forgery. It is another case for Anita Lyn and her guardian angel, Alana to solve. It involves a young boy who is an artist extraordinaire. His copies of the famous artists are easily mistaken for the real deal and this gets him ensnared in a trio of greedy crooks who try to exploit his talents–but the boy is wily and funny and extremely bright–much more so than his kidnappers. This book will make you laugh and cheer on “The Crooked Shamrock.”

I do hope you have read my first two novels in this series of a young girl who speaks with her guardian angel and finds herself solving cases like a modern-day Nancy Drew.

Raphael and I need your help in promoting my second novel, called “Greed” in the Anita Lyn Series. By giving it a good rating, it can earn another #1 Amazon Best Seller rating. If you’ve already read the book but did not give it a rating, please go back the Amazon web site and do so.  So, thank you in advance.

Raphael and I do hope all your New Year’s Resolutions are still functioning and that this year, 2019, will be a most joyful and prosperous year, filled with joy and love.

Raphael and Betty Rae

“Tis the Season to be Jolly!”

Dear Friends,

They say, “T’is the Season to be Jolly!” Well, that isn’t true for everyone. It can be the season of stress and anxiety with trying to budget gifts when the budget is already stretched to the max. It can be the stress of gathering with relatives that you really don’t like–or at least glad to see only once a year. It could be the sad remembrance of a loved one who has passed–and no matter how long ago, missing them can make you sad.

So, what can we do about changing the sadness and frustration with crowds and the hype to “Buy! Buy! Buy!”? Perhaps you can resolve to shorten your gift list to children under a certain age. Drop gifts for the adults. With four adult children and their spouses, plus eight grandchildren, I limit my gift list to the grandchildren until they read adulthood. Being a “Senior Citizen” with a limited income, I can appreciate this concern for others in today’s world. Guilt can add to the stress. Expectations do it too.

So, get off the treadmill of the Christmas Blahs! Resolve to keep your energy up by taking special care of your emotional, mental and physical needs this season. Avoid foods you know don’t agree with you. Avoid the crowds in the mall where the energy is all over the place. Spend time in meditation and quiet. Turn off the radio, the cell phone, and the TV and allow silence to calm your soul. And always give thanks for the blessings in your life. Focus on the good–refuse to worry about what you have no control over. Refuse to get involved in other people’s negative stuff. Avoid trying to “fix” other people’s problems–unless you’re specifically asked to do so. Let their story be theirs–not yours.

And so, dear friends, protect your soul during this hyped up season-turned-into-a-commercial- nightmare! Focus on the real story of a master soul coming to our planet to bring a new thought–“Love one another!” And then you can rejoice that this Christmas was the best one of your life!

A Blessed and Joyful Christmas to each of you.

Betty Rae