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Finally! Raphael’s book is available!

Dear Friends,

I have woefully neglected my web page but I have good news! Ask Raphael is now available on Amazon for only $14.44 or just $.99 for the e-book. This book is what has kept me busy for over a year while the Archangel dictated answers to your many questions and some of them blew my socks off!

I’d love your feedback. E-mail me at with your comments.

Do support my podcast and my radio/video show live each Tuesday at noon on You can also catch the podcasts on Pandora and iHeart Radio. I love it when you leave comments on my e-mail. If you have a question, I will answer it promptly. Unfortunately because of some abusive, angry people, the radio station does not give me your responses immediately, so please use my email address.

As always I wish for you and yours a safe and happy journey through your life’s story as you seek peace, good health, and happiness. Raphael and I are here for you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a free reading with the Archangel by e-mailing me at

Good News!

Soon Holly Reusch will come to live with me and become my partner in creating a meditation center here in Florida. We’ve opened up the back acreage for a peaceful walk through the woods to our Sacred Wheel and a bit further to a beautifully flowing creek. You can walk our inspirational labyrinth and of course, enjoy lively conversations with Holly and me.

We will only take one or two visitors at a time due to the pandemic. We require you to wear a mask while indoors. If you live some distance, there is a lovely motel just around the corner from us.

I’m approaching my 87th birthday! I rejoice in my good health and give thanks daily for all my blessings! And YOU are a blessing to me. Take care of yourself. Meditate daily. Breathe deeply and smile. Angels surround you and are ready to serve you. God is within you glowing through you to others.  Spread the divine light as the “Light Worker” that you are.

Sending you an abundance of blessings, I am…

Betty Rae


I’m Moving to Florida!

Sunny Florida–Here I Come!

When Spirit speaks, I listen, but I never dreamed that when visiting a friend in Florida, Spirit would lead me to a sweet little home in a 55+ community. I saw it on Monday, put a bid on it on Tuesday, and closed on Friday before noon! And everything has lined up to make my move swift and easy. Amazing!

It has been a lesson in trust that the Divine Plan for my life is unfolding perfectly. Of course my daughter and family are disappointed to see me go, but they are happy for me as well. Today I said goodbye to my Unity of Light friends and their love brought tears to my eyes. I shall always hold dear my two years in Bowie, Maryland.

I look forward to meeting and making new friends in Brooksville, Florida (40 minutes north of Tampa). My dear friend Pam has already introduced me to several like-minded people who look forward to experiencing Raphael and company. I know I shall be kept busy. I also plan to create new mosaics, and, of course, get more work done on that 11 foot rug!

As I told my departing friends today, “I am only a phone call away.” And if you need the wisdom of Raphael, do not hesitate to call me at 443-716-6768. It has been my joy to meet new spiritual friends from all around the world through this web page. If we have not met yet, I’m sure your angels have guided you to this blog so that we can.

Blessings in Abundance to You!

Betty Rae


It is never too late to join the 21st Century!

Creating a website was never in my plans when I sold my home in Michigan and “retired” from my “Rays of Joy Light Center.” I thought I could live quietly and play with my art. But my friend, Raphael, has had other ideas, which came in the form of a workshop that we called, “Push-up for the Brain.” As usual, I followed my inner guidance and to my amazement, the three-hour workshop became a popular class at the Bowie Senior Center and at my new church, Unity Center of Light. I was delighted.

Then along came Michelle Kulp who is a member of Unity in Bowie. Before I knew how sneaky Raphael could be, I was caught up in the whirlwind of designing this new website. Michelle now tells people, “If Betty Rae, at nearly eighty can learn to work a website, anyone can!”  Talk about continue reading…

My First Blog Post

Hello Friends and Angels!

I am still learning about web pages. My new friend, Michelle Kulp from Become a 6-Figure Woman is my web page designer. She is amazing. Thank you, Michelle!

Moving to Maryland after living over 50 years in Michigan has been a surprisingly smooth and joyful experience. It is obvious the move was part of the divine plan for my life. I love the milder weather.  I love the three-bedroom rental home I found only five minutes from my daughter and her family. I love being only 10 minutes from shopping. It was an adjustment to drive in such traffic. In Otter Lake, if I had to wait for two cars to pass, it was a traffic jam! Here… well, being 45 minutes from Washington D.C. you can continue reading…