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Season’s Blessings to Each of You!

A Blessed Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Dear Friends!

We all wonder where 2017 went! It seems time has speeded up and we are caught in a whirlwind of activities that make us dizzy. I know it has been that way for me. But as I look back on 2017 I rejoice in it!

Book II of the Anita Lyn Series, now called “Memoirs of a Mystic” is now available on Amazon both in e-book on Kindle and in paperback.

Thank you for all your support in making my first novel, “Soul Mates & Angels” a #1 Best Seller. I know you will enjoy this second fictional adventure of Anita Lyn as she unravels an insidious plot to sell babies on the black market.

Meanwhile, my amazing spirit guides and angels have already sent me the title for Book III — The Crooked Shamrock — where Anita Lyn will meet her cousin in Ireland who is an amazing artist–and a practical joker bar none! I expect to envision many scenes where Shawn has us laughing…and gets Anita into trouble with art fraud.

I encourage each of you to follow your divine inspiration to create an amazing life filled with surprises galore in 2018.

Betty Rae




Here Comes November!

Hi November!

Welcome Fall!

We’ll miss you, Summer!

But not the 100 degree heat we’ve had most of the summer here in Florida!  Yet, I wouldn’t move back to Michigan’s winters for anything!

Fall is a time for introspection, for meditation and new resolutions. Don’t wait until New Year’s Day to make them. Make one new resolution each day like,  “Today I will refrain from snacks–just for today!” Or, “Today I will spend 20 minutes in meditation.” Or “Today I will greet everyone with a smile and a thought of good will.” Or “Today I will listen patiently to “Blabbermouth.”

Fall sends the kids back to school. Are you sighing in relief? Pray for teachers! Having been one, my heart goes out to them with the burden of  “teaching to tests” that steals the teacher’s creativity and enthusiasm, and bores kids silly.

“The Bottom Line” mentality doesn’t work in education. Parents can made a difference by encouraging your schools to teach social skills, like compassion and kindness toward one another.

In 1949, Rodgers and Hammerstein wrote “South Pacific.” With the recent uprising of white racism, one song comes to mind, “You Have To Be Carefully Taught.” I’m adding the lyrics here to emphasize how much we influence the young people in our lives by what we say and do.

“You’ve got to be taught to hate and fear, You’ve got to be taught from year to year. It’s got to be drummed in your dear little ear. You’ve got to be carefully taught. You’ve got to be taught to be afraid of people whose eyes are oddly made, and people whose skin is a different shade. You’ve got to be carefully taught. You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late, before you are six or seven or eight, to hate all the people your relatives hate. You’ve got to be carefully taught!”

These words were reflected also in my first novel, “Soul Mates & Angels”  published just this past February. It’s the story of Anita Lyn Riley who meets a young friend who was in a Nazi labor camp and had numbers tattooed on his arm. If you haven’t read it yet, go to “books” on my web page and order it now. It’s become a two times #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

And I’m excited to announce the second book in the series is now at the editors and hopefully will be available on Amazon’s Kindle before Thanksgiving or early in December. Look for it. In this novel Anita Lyn gets involved with an insidious group of people who sell babies on the black market. With Anita’s guardian angel, Alana, the book is sprinkled with angelic wisdom. And with the ongoing relationship with Anita’s soul mate,  it has its moments of passion, too. I would love to have your comments and feedback after you’ve read it.

Book three in the series came to me from Spirit, “out of the blue.” I heard, “Crooked Shamrock” and puzzled over what it meant–until I realized the third novel I was already working on was to be the fourth novel, while  “Crooked Shamrock” was to take it’s place! It will be about art forgery and will involve Anita’s cousin, Shawn, who is an amazingly talented artist.

I’m truly in awe of my new career as a novelist. I call myself the “Grandma Moses” of the writer’s world! At least two more plots in the series are cooking in my brain. I call my main character a modern-day Nancy Drew, as she solves one mystery after another.

This “new career” of writing novels is the result of many years of journal writing. By writing my thoughts and emotions and dreams, I’ve learned to hear my angels and guides and their loving encouragement in my everyday life. I’ve learned to listen and hear “Crooked Shamrock” and be inspired about a new plot God wants me to write. All of us are instruments of God’s thoughts, which motivate us to create beauty, wisdom and joy in our world.

May your angels bless you this day with inspiration to bring love, compassion and joy into your world–first for yourself–and then for all you meet.

Angelic blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae



October Already?

It’s October–Already?

If you’re at all like me–perhaps it’s just old age–but time is zipping by way too fast. Raphael says it’s not time going faster, but “cause and effect”. In other words, what you send out comes right back like a boomerang and either slaps you in the face, or kisses you on the cheek.

Even hurricanes are demonstrating the law of cause and effect. There’s a “butterfly effect” theory that says what can happen on the other side of the globe, will eventually be felt wherever you are. So…? Doesn’t it make sense that North Korea’s bombs could be part of the turbulent weather here? I’m no scientist, but if you hurt Mother Earth, she’s bound to retaliate somewhere, like a shaggy dog shaking the water off his back!

We all need to visualize Mother Earth happy–with her body being nourished and pampered–and healed. Hold the picture of a thriving, healthy planet with gratefulness and joy–for your emotions are the engine that drives an idea into manifestation–and then work like the dickens to make it a reality in whatever way you are inspired.

We all need to do our part–mine is to hold the picture of a thriving, happy planet. What’s yours!?



Join me on Face Book & Twitter

It’s a whole new world out there, my friends. If President Trump is addicted to Twitter, it bears investigating as a media extravaganza! And so, I’ve joined the ranks and even Tweeted the President.

My dear friend, Ali Rodriguez has helped me bring Raphael to many more people. She is a visionary with an astute mind and firm determination to help her clients succeed with their God-given inspirations. I am so grateful for the angels sending her to me. If you need a fantastic business coach, call Ali Rodriguez at 386-676-6706

If you have not already done so, please help me promote my inspirations from Raphael by purchasing my metaphysical novel, “Soul Mates and Angels.” It will be an ongoing series of a young psychic girl and her guardian angel, Alana. Mates-Angels-Betty-Rae-ebook/ dp/B06WP43BB3

Please tell your friends about the series and look for the upcoming second novel, which we hope to have out next month.

Blessings to you!

Betty Rae

A Letter to my Friends and Angels

Dear Friends,

I’m so excited to announce that my second novel in the series of Soul Mates & Angels has been sent to the publisher with hopes of it’s debut next month! Anita Lyn is on another adventure you don’t want to miss. And I’m already drafting books three and four!

Raphael is pushing to bring peace to our trouble world and is speaking loud and clear. With the eclipse we have entered a new era where consciousness will rise and people will finally awaken. Now is the time for each of us to speak our truth, to let go of fear and doubt and stand up for what is right and good. Now is the time to ask an army of angels to bless our country and the world with peace.

Pray with me daily. Smile with love and compassion at each person you meet. Laugh often.

Love and Blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae






Happy Spring!

Happy Spring Everyone!

The days are getting longer and the nights are warmer. Yeah! Even here in Florida I love watching the trees come alive again, turning green and filling out. Although we have flowers year round, which is one of the things that brought me from Michigan to Florida, new colors and exotic ones push through the earth and smile at us. I never get tired of watching nature. My back yard with the Sacred Spiral, the five-foot waterfall, and the many flowers and plants, all bring me such joy.

Speaking of joy…have you had your joy vitamin today? Lifting your mind and heart out of anxiety, stress and frustration is only done by welcoming in the Angel of Joy. It can’t happen unless and until you are ready to stop trying so hard to “fix” things yourself and wait for divine inspiration to give the “Go Ahead” signal. For example, after investing in a new roof for my home, the ceiling in the kitchen caved in! What a mess! I quickly informed the roofers, who stopped stamping on the roof to come in and take a look. It was around the skylight, which was rotten from a leak that started the whole process of getting a new roof.

The young man took pictures and said he would send out his boss to take a look. The owner’s son arrived two days later, checked out all the leak spots and gave suggestions on how to have a handyman fix it. He said by no means allow anyone to talk me into a new ceiling. I agreed with him. Then he offered a small cash boost from his company to help defray my cost. He didn’t have to do that. It was clearly my responsibility due to the decay of a roof leak over time around a skylight. But I joyously accepted the gift from “All Florida Weatherproofing and Construction, Inc.” I told the owner, Rick Fulford if he did a good job I would give his company’s card to others. I am very pleased with his work and his men who  worked over eleven hours to complete it in one day.–another gift of Joy!

I know. We cannot possibly be joyful all of the time. But maybe we need to check the percentage. If it is under 80%, we need to do some soul searching to see how we recreate our world…for we are, indeed, totally responsible for how we choose to react to the world within which we live. We can either bitch and complain and stress, or we can see beauty everywhere and give joyous thanks. When we do confront a leak in our world’s roof, we can call upon the angels to help us with ideas to patch the leak or get a new roof-attitude.

Happy, happy, happy Spring!

Betty Rae


# 1 Best Seller!

Dear Friends,

I still can’t believe it! My novel, Soul Mates & Angels,  has made the #1 best seller’s list–on two different lists! I’m thrilled and amazed. I give grateful thanks to my agent, Michelle Kulp for all her work in making this dream a reality.

And for those of you who have asked when the next book is coming out–I’m working day and night to bring to you Anita Lyn Riley’s new adventures. With her curious spirit enhanced with the help of her guardian angel, Alan, she continues to be that Nancy Drew sleuth, which, of course gets her into trouble. Now she is at the University of Michigan and is living in a boarding house with seven housemates! Each one has a story to tell, including her housemother, Mrs. Wright and her daughter, Flora Wright. Anita’s soul mate, Daniel O’Keefe struggles to keep their love in check, but both find it harder and harder. His life is changing as he attends Wayne State University and becomes involved with a whole different kind of ambitions, worldly-wise friends.

So, thanks for your wonderful reviews. They are what has catapulted me to #1. Tell your friends about it and ask them to tell their friends! I so appreciate your encouragement in this new world of fiction. As you know Raphael has inspired many works where he has communicated through me for the raising of people’s consciousness. In today’s world where fear is rampant, lifting our hearts up to trust the divine plan for each life, and to love one another without prejudice has become a real challenge. We encourage you to choose love over fear, and trust over doubt. No matter what political view you hold, hold on to your faith in a loving God who sends angels to assist us. But they cannot help unless we ask. SO ASK!

Sending you an abundance of blessings, I remain,

Betty Rae


2016-12-19-10-41-12Happy Holidays
From my house to yours
May abundant blessings
Pour over you now and all throughout
The New Year.

Dear Friends,

Isn’t it amazing how fast time flies? And the older one gets, the faster it goes! I am so grateful for old age! I love having a say in the use of my time. I love being able to come and go as I please. I love creating a peaceful, beautiful space around me in my sweet little home here in Brooksville, FL with the year-round flowers in my gardens and the Sacred Spiral for meditation. (Photo to the left shows the five-foot waterfall and the spiral).

I’m now part of a weekly Yoga meditation group, which uplifts and inspires me. I encourage you to find a group of spiritual people where you can meditate to raise your consciousness. It is the best way to create the life experiences you desire. Plus we all need to pray for peace and prosperity for all of humanity  throughout 2017.

2016-12-19-10-36-45Recently, I talked my friend, Pam Merrill into teaching a beginner’s oil painting class in the clubhouse here in Cloverleaf 55+ Park. I’ve been inspired and delighted with the results called “Moonlight Memories” and “Fruit.”2016-10-26-16-10-46

A friend loaned me her golf cart last night so I could take a couple friends on a two-hour tour of the lights around the park. It was delightful. Now those same friends are trying to talk me into getting my own golf cart. But I don’t want to give up my little outdoor patio under the car port in front of the house.

I love the way God sends me people to become a part of my life. I met a woman at McDonald’s—I didn’t know why I was inspired to buy lunch when I had eaten less than a couple hours before—but afterwards I knew. I simply let her tell me all about her life, which was fascinating. She showed me her delightful drawings that were a collage of the people in her life. I encouraged her to put them into a book of her memoirs. I hope she does for it will be priceless for her seven (!) children. But, alas, she doesn’t even have a computer. It flashed through my mind how I could make a career out of helping seniors write their memoirs—but nixed that idea—I have to write my own first—and finish my second novel—and finish that 11 foot rug—and paint and…!

What do you love to do? Do you make time for yourself to do them? I really hope so, for your soul yearns to express itself in a multitude of ways. It is not selfish to do so. It is God creating through you. Don’t ignore those urges. Begin writing your memoirs with short stories. My son, Tom, has written excerpts of events from his life. I was impressed and delighted with them.

I have been inspired to put my “Letters from a Guardian Angel” with free shipping before Christmas, but alas! I forgot. So, I’m offering an “After Christmas Sale” of any of my books with free shipping. Just call me at 352-848-3011, and I’ll put them in the mail pronto!

I’m sending you an abundance of good energy to uplift and inspire you. May your 2017 be the most amazing year of your life. No matter what is going on in the world around you, you create your own world by your thoughts and desires. Only fear, anxiety, anger, worry, and frustration can bring you an undesirable future. Rejoice and give thanks for all you have—don’t focus on what you don’t have. Rejoice and give thanks that all your needs are met each day and every day of your life. Then give thanks that it is so, and YOU WILL MAKE IT SO!

With great love,
Betty Rae

Yes, I’m still alive!

Dear Friends,

I’m sorry I’ve neglected to do my job of uplifting and inspiring you! I’ve been deep into writing my novel, “Soul Mates and Angels” and it is finally completed, edited, and ready to publish, as soon as I get a cover design. I’ve allowed a few select people to read it via Drop Box to get feed back. So far everyone has loved it.

If you would like a free copy please watch for it on Amazon. As soon as possible, I will be publishing it there. I’m really excited about this new project and am already working on book two. My main character is Anita Lyn Riley. (Her birth date is the same as mine, as is her name numerologically!). Although her experiences are fiction, her psychic experiences are based on my own life. The setting is back in the 50’s with Anita a senior in high school. Her encounter with the K K Klan and its sadistic Grand Dragon makes for fast-paced action plus factual metaphysical experiences of “Ghost Walking” (Astral travelling), “Walk-ins,” and psychic and intuitive abilities in my main character. I wanted to present a book that would have the metaphysical facts correctly given–not Hollywood mumbo-jumbo!

This project has haunted me for years until I finally gave into the inspiration to write that first novel. My English-teacher brother told me I didn’t know anything about writing a novel, and he didn’t have time to teach me! I hope he’s looking down from heaven and biting his tongue. In fact, I’ve found the challenge inspiring–as Anita’s guardian angel channels through her with some amazing words of wisdom–I’m sure Raphael was at work with me for that chapter!

Have you thought about writing that novel? Well, take it from me–just start writing. Don’t wait. Begin today. Who knows? You may be a number-one best selling author. I know I’m programming that for my first novel!

Blessing in abundance to you!

Betty Rae

30 Days to Happiness!

30 Days to Happiness

Within only three days, Raphael and my angels inspired me to write and publish a little booklet called, “30 Days to Happiness.” Each day brings you a challenge to change your mind from fear, anxiety and self-doubt into the joy of love and trust in yourself, in your world and in God. When followed with a sincere desire to find happiness and to change your life’s circumstances, these 30 Days to Happiness  can bring about surprising coincidences, unexpected blessings, and a lifted spirit learning how to laugh again.

This little booklet is worth its weight in gold. If you are having relationship problems, or find yourself scraping the bottom of the barrel to make ends meet, expect miracles. It has been said, “Change your mind; you change your life.”

Determine now to change your life. Follow each day’s suggestions with enthusiasm and a sense of purpose and you will be amazed at the results.

In my many consultations with people, Raphael’s uplifting and inspiring suggestions always amaze me, making my own heart soar with joy. The Archangel can see each person’s potential for a fulfilling, productive and richly rewarding life. Each day, every person’s challenge lies in recognizing the pull of negative polarity of our planet that can cause us to become cynical and mistrustful of others, of politics, of anything good really happening. This kind of thinking keeps us from being happy. Each soul must learn to bring the polarities into balance by choosing to bask in the light of loving ourselves, our lives and our world. We learn to trust that each choice we make out of love and trust will bring us uplifting experiences. Conversely, each time we give into fear and doubt, we will experience discomfort in the body, confusion of the mind, and unhappy experiences woven from the fabric of our negative thoughts and emotions.

Truly, we are weavers of the fabric of our lives. Everything we experience can either become a gem of wisdom, or a curse to be repeated again and again–until we choose to be happy.

And so, dear friends–CHOOSE TO BE HAPPY!

I am offering this little booklet, “30 Days to Happiness” for only $5 plus shipping. Call me at 352-848-3011 today, and I will send you a gift of golden wisdom.

We are loving you!

Betty Rae & Raphael