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It’s About Time!

I was journaling about time the other day and decided it would be worth sharing with you, my friends. We have so many clichés about “time” how we “spend” it; how we measure and label it as “I had a great time,” or “I can’t wait until…” or “It was waste of time,” or “It’s about time you got here!”

I laugh at myself and my creative ideas that get me into such trouble—and bring me such joy. I guess you could say I defy time itself, ignore it, allow it to spin around me without regard to measuring it or allowing it to define me and my ideas. This is what amazes people who see my large mosaics and hand-hooked rugs. They could never imagine doing something so “time-consuming“. And yet, my Tarot mosaics were a year’s worth of work and each day I rejoice in the inspiration that drove me to create them. My Symbol’s rug took almost two years, as did the Fire Ceremony rug. And yet, I created them laughing in the face of time. Now here I am almost 80 years on this planet, and I’m still laughing in the face of time.

I wonder how much time I’ve spent continue reading…