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How I Became a Psychic

Many people ask me how I became psychic. Some think you have to be born with it–like a Mozart or Bach to produce such amazing music . But I know that isn’t the case at least with me. I learned to become psychic through meditation. I learned that when I relaxed my mind and allowed my inner senses to open, I would receive amazing inspirations and insights. (See my art page–and my publications) My “Clairvoyance” (a French word for “clear seeing”) was the first to open because I am more right brain, whereas left brain people are sometimes stuck in believing only what they can touch, feel or analyze under a microscope.

I spoke with a young woman this past weekend who was upset because she heard a message from a friend who had passed into the next dimension. It scared her. Fortunately, she told her husband about it so that during the funeral when the husband spoke of his wife, she was given confirmation that her experience was real.

I met another young woman who was having a similar experience in seeing those who have passed. She was afraid she was losing her mind. I assured her she was not, that she was merely opening her psychic abilities.

Now understand–opening your psychic abilities does not make you a medium–someone who communes with the dead. No. It opens your creative-problem-solving abilities and makes you look like the smartest person on the block! Most of my work is in helping people connect with their soul’s vision for their life. In this way they can fulfill their highest potential.

It takes a whole lot of trust in a higher power to let go of fear and doubt when your psychic abilities begin to blossom. I remember when I first learned about psychometry–getting energy from someone’s ring–I amazed myself at how accurate my visions were. I told a woman how I saw her going up in a closed-in stairway where I saw her turning the pages of a large book. She confirmed I had seen when she had gone up into her attic and was looking at a picture album. Another woman’s ring revealed different objects in her home–where I had never visited. Another woman revealed the heavy sadness that surrounded her from the loss of a loved one. One time at a large metaphysical exposition, I saw a woman’s young son who had passed and gave her his message as to why he had to leave so soon. She cried, but felt so much better. She let me know she had received more from me in fifteen minutes than she had from an hour with a very well-know psychic that same day.

As I gained confidence in the visions and intuitive sensing that came to me, I boldly gave everything that I saw, felt, heard or knew to each person who came to me. I knew that if it was given to me, it was given to share with the person–but what was given was always positive.

When I first started, I worked with a small group of psychics who used a wide range of tools of their trade from crystal balls and Tarot cards to pendulums and palm reading. I was very new and very naïve. But when one woman “told it like it was” and what she told was most often negative–I cringed and determined I would not follow that example. Consequently, I opened myself to higher realms–to the angelic realm–where the Archangel Raphael became my guide. All my readings point to God. In even the worse case scenario that a person can experience like the loss of a child, it can be shown from a higher perspective as to how the soul follows a divine plan for the life that may happen to be short.

When I first started seeing past lifetimes, I was in awe of the experience. One woman I had read for was quite shaken with the story when the past life ended with her being stabbed in the stomach! Then I learned that she had been having a re0ccuring nightmare about being stabbed! She was afraid to go out at night. After the reading, she soon recovered when she realized that the dream was a past life–not a future prediction!

So, how can YOU become a PSYCHIC? Take one of my on-line courses and learn how to use more than 10% of your brain’s potential–which will open your inner senses and increase your intuition. You will be amazed at the things that can happen.

A caution! If you want to learn to become psychic so you can earn a living as a psychic counselor, I must tell you it doesn’t work that way. Most psychics have a hard time earning enough to pay the bills. If I had not been a full time teacher, I know I could not have been financially independent. To become a spiritual counselor, you need to learn a whole lot about non-judgment and unconditional love first. I’ve met too many psychics who think they can tell you how to live your life or else dire things can happen. I remember when my husband and I were in TX, we spontaneously went to a psychic who got my husband alone to tell him he had a woman in his past who had put a spell on him–and she could remove that spell for X amount of $. Oh! My!

Unless you have a pure heart and a firm desire to be of service to others, you may learn to be psychic, but it will not be successful. Instead, learn to become psychic to open your own abilities to become a more successful, happy, well-balanced, healthy person.

I just enjoyed the past weekend visiting with my family for my 80th birthday celebration. My sons came from Colorado, California, Texas, and my x-husband and his friend came all the way from New Orleans. Although my daughter, who lives nearby in MD, is quite intuitive and metaphysical, my sons being a cop, an engineer, and a scientist are quite suspicious of their mother’s beliefs. And yet my ability to turn my visions into a form of beauty had then cocking their heads and accepting that their mom must have some secret gifts. Everyone commented that I looked more like 60 than 80. Their love flowed freely to me on this happy reunion. I am so blessed. But, I must say, in the beginning their disapproval of my “gifts” could have shut me down. I’m so glad it did not. I truly believe by opening my mind and heart and soul to the divine wisdom for myself and others, has rejuvenated me and kept me looking young.

I truly believe each person needs to open their intuition so that they can enjoy a fuller, richer life experience. Our goal (Raphael and me) is  to help you become all that your soul planned for you–to be successful, blessed in rich and happy relationships, have all the financial freedom you need and, of course, know unconditional love and joy.

Blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae