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Are You OCD?

I got to thinking about OCD–Obsessive-Compulsion-Disorder as a fear of losing control of life. While this is the extreme of our need for comfort and order, I find myself checking in on the need to straighten a picture, or align the table runner and wonder if I am developing OCD. After all, it is a compulsive behavior. But we all form habits of daily living. The need to get up at a┬ácertain time to go to work is one we cannot break unless we’re looking for trouble. But let’s look at each time we get anxious whenever we cannot follow a certain routine. For example, do you have to sit in the same place at the dinner table? Do you have a favorite plate that you need to use and get upset if anyone else uses it? Are you a compulsive eater–desiring certain foods–like my popcorn each night?

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