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Doreen Virtue Answers a Prayer

After reading Doreen Virtue’s book, Divine Guidance, which introduced what she called the “Four Clair’s,” I prepared to go to Denver, Colorado to give a lecture and angel readings with the Whole Life Expo. This was one of the largest metaphysical expositions of well-known inspirational speakers, authors, psychics and healers as well as  hundreds of vendors of crystals, holistic foods, jewelry, and etc.  Over twenty-five thousand people passed through over the three-day weekend. For two years I had been touring many states with the Expo to promote my first book, “Come Play with the Angels.” Since I was growing weary of all the time and effort it took, I asked my guides if I could quit. I waited for an answer, but all I got was silence.

Then just before I left for Denver, I was watching TV and hooking on my Symbol’s rug, (see photos) when I heard a song, “Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer true…” Since I had not been thinking about my question, I puzzled over the title, “Bicycle Built for Two,” trying to figure out the message. I thought, “Tandem bicycle” but still didn’t get it. Soon I received a vision of myself on the back of a tandem bicycle, gripping the handlebars—which didn’t steer—and pedaling for all I was worth—which didn’t add to the forward momentum.

Then I got the impression—not a vision—but a feeling of my soul on the front of the bike, leisurely moving along. I began to get the idea. But just in case I didn’t, I heard, Leave the driving to us.  I laughed. When my husband asked what was so funny, I couldn’t begin to explain it to him, so I just said, “Oh, just a funny thought.” But I silently said to my guides, But you didn’t tell me if I could quit!

So, off I went to Denver, having shipped my books ahead of time. I set up my booth, and prepared for another rush of people wanting angel readings. I was always amazed at how my appointment book filled up when I never even advertised. I swear my guides grabbed people by the collar and guided them to my booth. After browsing the program, I noticed that Doreen Virtue was giving a lecture—among many other well-known authors. In the two years of attending these events, I had never taken the time to go to anyone’s lecture as I was always busy giving my own lecture and fifteen-minute angel readings. So I shrugged off the idea to go, thinking Ms. Virtue would only be promoting her new book.

Saturday afternoon, I again got the idea to go to Doreen Virtue’s lecture, and again I shrugged it off, saying I was too busy giving readings. But when Sunday arrived, the idea was like a push at the back of my head, “GO SEE DOREEN VIRTUE!”  “Okay! Okay!” I said to my guides. “I’ll go, but I’ll sit by the door and if all she does is talk about her book, I’ll leave!” And so I sat by the door, and sure enough, she talked about her new book.

But before I could get up and leave, she said, “Who would like to have a reading?” My brows lifted as I looked around at the hundred or so people waving their hands in the air. I thought, “Yeah, right. What are the chances of her calling upon me? But I slowly raised my hand.

“Yes, you,” said Ms. Virtue. “in the blue suit.” I could not believe I was the first one she had chosen. (I learned later that Doreen looked for a light to ascend upon the person she was to call upon.) As I climbed the steps to the stage, Doreen said, “My! You have a lot of angels around you. Do you know that?”

I thought, I’ve been giving angels readings all weekend, I would hope so. But I only smiled and nodded.

Then she asked if I knew the Archangel Raphael was working with me. She said that I was like a teacher she once knew who trained several big-name inspirational teachers. She said I would teach people who would go out and teach others.

When Doreen Virtue looked at my vendor’s badge, she said, “You don’t have to do these expos anymore. You can stay home and teach small groups like you enjoy.”

I burst out with a loud “YES!” startling the good lady. Here was the answer to my question. I could quit! And I had almost refused to cooperate with the dramatic way my answer was to be given!

This incident taught me many things: 1) I had finally opened my Clairaudience—the ability to hear word messages from my guides and angels when they presented the song and the words, Leave the driving to us; 2) I used my Clairvoyance when I imagined myself on the back of that tandem bicycle; 3) I used my Clairsentience when I sensed my soul was actually commandeering the tandem bike; 4) I used my Claircognicance when I interpreted the experience as the answer to my question about quitting the Whole Life Expo tour; and 5) I learned to follow the inspirations given—like go listen to someone speak!

Now, dear friend, have you activated your Four Clair’s? If not, it’s time to take my course in opening those inner senses and awakening to your angels and guides. Consider taking my upcoming online seminar, Workouts for the Brain. Raphael and I will show you how to balance both hemispheres of your brain and open up your inner intuitive senses. Then amazing things will happen just as I described in the encounter with Doreen Virtue.


Morning Has Broken

Good Morning!

The words to that song “Morning Has Broken” runs through my mind as I joyously greet the new day at 3:09 AM. Maybe a day a little too “new” for some, but when spirit moves me, I cooperate. And isn’t that what being a spiritual being is all about? Isn’t that what a raised consciousness is? It is all about trusting the moment, living in that moment, acting in that moment with love and joy.  Unfortunately,  I cannot tell you how often I get an idea–a good idea, but my mind rationalizes that my words will not be received well, or I will not find the right words, or…and then the moment has passed and I kick myself.

Praise and encouragement given to another are acts of kindness. I see surprise and pleasure in the person’s face whenever I give a sincere compliment. The more I seek to give that surprised look of pleasure and gratefulness, the more I can find beauty in another.

But perhaps the greatest act of kindness to others is continue reading…

Slide into Summer!

Dear Friends,

There is a drenching downpour outside causing a song to play in my head–“Those April Showers that come your way; they bring the flowers that bloom in May. So when it’s raining, have no regrets. It isn’t raining rain you know. It’s raining violets!”

Now that’s positive thinking.

I had an interesting conversation with a woman the other day. She wanted me to tell her something bad that was going to happen. I blinked and said, “I see only good.” “Then,” she said, “I can’t believe you because bad happens to everyone.” She’s right. When I tried to convince her that my guide, Raphael helps people to see the good that comes from bad experiences, she wasn’t buying it. She had had an accident that left her disabled. At the time I could not think of anything to say, but later I recalled my own “accident” when I fell off a ladder and broke my back. I don’t believe in “accidents.” I believe in a Divine Plan always working for our soul’s greatest good. The good that came from my experience was the decision to quite teaching eight years sooner than planned. It was only then that my spiritual evolvement mushroomed, and my work as an intuitive counselor began in earnest.

I was reminded of this as I thought about my encounter with continue reading…

It’s About Time!

I was journaling about time the other day and decided it would be worth sharing with you, my friends. We have so many clichés about “time” how we “spend” it; how we measure and label it as “I had a great time,” or “I can’t wait until…” or “It was waste of time,” or “It’s about time you got here!”

I laugh at myself and my creative ideas that get me into such trouble—and bring me such joy. I guess you could say I defy time itself, ignore it, allow it to spin around me without regard to measuring it or allowing it to define me and my ideas. This is what amazes people who see my large mosaics and hand-hooked rugs. They could never imagine doing something so “time-consuming“. And yet, my Tarot mosaics were a year’s worth of work and each day I rejoice in the inspiration that drove me to create them. My Symbol’s rug took almost two years, as did the Fire Ceremony rug. And yet, I created them laughing in the face of time. Now here I am almost 80 years on this planet, and I’m still laughing in the face of time.

I wonder how much time I’ve spent continue reading…

Hang in here! Spring is almost here!

When I saw my first robin the other day, my body wanted to do a dance. Spring! Wonderful spring when the snow is but a memory and the grass greens and flowers burst through the earth, and when trees blossom with their lovely flowers. I’m itching to get started on my garden–a new experience for me in this newly rented home.

What does Spring mean spiritually? It is a time to clean out the closets and cobwebs of old, outdated beliefs that we all bring to the moment from our “programming” from our childhood and from past lifetimes. Some of it is beautiful and treasured, but some of it is dusty, old and doesn’t fit anymore. Raphael and I suggest you sit down and begin to sort out the treasures from the discarded beliefs that you have not as yet recognized but are still pinging at your emotions causing blocks to your new thinking and way of life. Guilt creeps up on us. Discarding old beliefs can rear guilt’s head and make us fill with fear and doubt. What if’s bounce around our heart and hold us captive.

Imagine you are continue reading…

It is never too late to join the 21st Century!

Creating a website was never in my plans when I sold my home in Michigan and “retired” from my “Rays of Joy Light Center.” I thought I could live quietly and play with my art. But my friend, Raphael, has had other ideas, which came in the form of a workshop that we called, “Push-up for the Brain.” As usual, I followed my inner guidance and to my amazement, the three-hour workshop became a popular class at the Bowie Senior Center and at my new church, Unity Center of Light. I was delighted.

Then along came Michelle Kulp who is a member of Unity in Bowie. Before I knew how sneaky Raphael could be, I was caught up in the whirlwind of designing this new website. Michelle now tells people, “If Betty Rae, at nearly eighty can learn to work a website, anyone can!”  Talk about continue reading…

Are You OCD?

I got to thinking about OCD–Obsessive-Compulsion-Disorder as a fear of losing control of life. While this is the extreme of our need for comfort and order, I find myself checking in on the need to straighten a picture, or align the table runner and wonder if I am developing OCD. After all, it is a compulsive behavior. But we all form habits of daily living. The need to get up at a certain time to go to work is one we cannot break unless we’re looking for trouble. But let’s look at each time we get anxious whenever we cannot follow a certain routine. For example, do you have to sit in the same place at the dinner table? Do you have a favorite plate that you need to use and get upset if anyone else uses it? Are you a compulsive eater–desiring certain foods–like my popcorn each night?

Well, friends, now is the time to continue reading…

What is Your Truth?

Good Morning World!

Can you believe we’re in the middle of January already? They say, “Time flies when you’re having fun!” I must be having tons of fun. Are you?

It is so weird to be writing a “blog” when I don’t know if anyone even reads it. I would so love to hear from you out there. But, since I journal every day, I’m used to talking to myself. The neat thing for me is, I get answers from my friend, Raphael–when I ask. To be able to channel an “archangel” is–well, to say the least–amazing. I had so much fear and doubt over it when I first started–years ago. But now, I take this miracle for granted. Funny though, I do not call upon my friend very often except perhaps right here, right now.

And so, I take a slow deep breath and silently ask Raphael to visit with me today.

Beloved Rae, Be at peace. We are always with you. We gladly send these thoughts to you so you may continue reading…

A New Year–New Beginnings

Dear Friends,

Each New Year brings new challenges and new opportunities to grow spiritually upon our path toward mastership. Raphael says this is our main purpose for our souls incarnating into our physical “vehicle of expression.”

(Raphael’s words will always be shown in italics in these blogs. I can never write anything without hearing his words of wisdom in my mind and heart, as you can see below).

Dear Soul, You are divine energy designed by God, the Source of all that is, to become a master creator within physical dimensions. Think of God as the Mind of a Master Creator and yourself as an apprentice learning the art of manifesting matter. Each time your soul enters a physical vehicle, it is given ample opportunities for resolving conflicts, rising above anger and frustration, and using your  human emotions to bring forth happy experiences.

Of course, when we use negative emotions, we create unhappy experiences. And yet, as long as we live on Earth, we will always experience the pull of the polarities. It is a planet of opposites.

The soul has to experience the entire spectrum of continue reading…

What is Christmas really about?

Some people’s first thought is–and I quote–“Crap! It’s two days before Christmas and I haven’t had time to shop yet!”

Personally, I’ve always hated wrapping presents, perhaps because I’m so bad at it, and maybe deep down, I resent being forced into buying something I don’t even know if it will be accepted as wonderful. And then you give the gifts, perhaps watch it being opened–perhaps not–and within minutes–like a long-prepared meal–it’s over and done with. Zip, zap, gone! All that effort and time and frustration fighting the crowds, the weather, the traffic–and poof! It’s all over–until next year and the ritual starts all over again!

Oh! I know! It’s the most important time of the year for merchants. Duh! Of course–because we’ve been programmed to buy! Buy! Buy! I quit watching television because of all the hype around Christmas. It’s enough to turn any true Christian into “Bah! Humbug!”

So? What’s the solution? continue reading…