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How to Find Your Soul Mate

Ask An Angel

People are always searching for that perfect mate–their soul mate. Unfortunately, too often we begin with the last things first–their physical appearance. There is a whole lot more to it than that!

Donna wrote: I am having a difficult time trying to decide between two men I care about! Just need a little advice.

Many readers may say, “I should have your problem!”

Raphael says that there are four legs of compatibility upon which a relationship can stand: 1) a soul connection; 2) intellectual compatibility; 3) no emotional baggage; and 4) (and the last to be considered!) physical attraction.

Can you speak freely about your beliefs and spiritual goals? Are you both interested in the same kind of books, or at least in reading books? Do you enjoy a good discussion or is it one-sided–you listen; he talks? Is he free of emotional baggage or are there strings attached to his heart?

And lastly, are you physically attracted? Too often the last is tested first–in the physical package and then  in the bedroom, which puts a commitment of intimacy on the relationship before the other three legs have even been explored, causing a wobbly, unstable relationship.

Use these measuring sticks for your two men and see which one rises to the top. Ask the archangels to help you choose the one who will be a helpmate for your highest good as part of the divine plan for your life. Then, gently and kindly release the other person. We encourage you to let go of fear and doubt and trust in the divine love and guidance that is always ready to come to you.


Betty Rae and Raphael

P.S. Do you have a question for Raphael? Send it to us at If you would like a personal consultation with Betty Rae and Raphael call her at 301-262-5640. She charges $60 an hour or only $15 is you so desire. The unconditional loving energy that comes through lifts up your spirit and touches your heart.

Will I Win the Lottery!!!

Ask An Angel

The various lotteries suck people into a false hope that some miracle will sweep them out of debt and into abundance and prosperity. What are the odds of that happening? A disappointing 1%. But still people with ask Raphael…

Kathleen wrote: “Will I soon hit the lottery and get the money to get out of debt–finally?

Dear Kathleen,

Unfortunately, God did not create your soul and send it into your physical body for the purpose of winning the lottery! You were divinely created to learn how to manifest all your needs and desires–and you have done that! When you look around at what you have created–whatever has led you into debt, you need to say, “Gee! Look what I have created!” For, indeed, this moment in time is part of the divine plan for your soul’s story. If you do not like what you see, change your mind–and change your story. When you let go of fear and doubt and create with love and trust and joy, you will be inspired with solutions to your financial problems. Those solutions do not include a rich man to take care of you. Only YOU can take care of YOU! Instead, a new job will open up, or an opportunity to participate in some money-making venture. Use your playful imagination–see yourself dancing on a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Hold on to that vision with laughter and joy. The ideas will pour into your awareness of how to get out of debt “finally!”

Blessings to you in abundance!

Betty Rae and Raphael

P.S. Do you have a question for Raphael? Send it to us at If you would like a personal consultation with Betty Rae and Raphael call her at 301-262-5640. She only charges $60 an hour or only $15 is you so desire. The unconditional loving energy that comes through lifts up your spirit and touches your heart.

Psychic Predictions!

Ask An Angel


Dear Friends,

My new site, “Ask an Angel” has been very busy. Some of the questions are related and need to be shared with all of you.

Many questions relate to the future like, “Will I marry?” Or “What will happen to Sarah?” But one question, which I will include today was: “What will the next five years be like financially?”

Raphael’s answer was more than the person expected, I’m sure!

Raphael said:

Dear Soul, we must clarify two things: first, the purpose of angels; and second, the purpose of souls.

The Source of all energy, peace, harmony, love, and joy is called God in many different languages. We call IT the Creator of All That Is. When God created angels, they were given certain tasks to fulfill. Some were created to be a guardian or guide for souls who put on the physical body to express the Creator’s divine energy within physical matter. These angels are the facilitators of the soul’s plan for the life, bringing people with which the soul will interact and gain new experiences and from which the soul will gain wisdom in the art of manifestation.

Other angels, like ourselves called Archangels, are given charge of large groups of souls and angels to guide, inspire, uplift and aid on the soul’s journey through the physical experience. No angel can interfere with the choices an ensouled being makes. Only if asked can a guardian or guide send inspiration, advice, and so forth. They may “rescue” a physical being from death if it is not the time the soul has determined for the final exit off the highway of planet Earth. Many so-called, “Near Death Experiences” were part of the divine plan to create an epiphany or a turning point for the human to experience.

Angels do not wear wings or any human garment unless manifesting for the human’s comfort or belief system. They are simply a thought-form from the Source. They are non-physical beings of light. Throughout all time in your history of Earth, these thought forms have appeared to humankind to bring messages from the Source.

The Source creates souls for the purpose of using the God-Energy to mold and manifest physical matter upon physical planets within many universes. A God-thought begins with an idea that enters the intellectual body. The human then sends that thought to its emotional center, which judges it as “good” “bad” or “neutral” and sends it to the heart center where it will quicken like a fetus in a womb and begin forming into physical matter—or die like a still-born child.

Each thought, word, and deed that comes from your mind, heart and soul are the ingredients with which you will either manifest prosperity and abundance or lack. If you send forth fear and doubt and anxiety in your ability to create the financial security you desire, you will create unpaid bills, debt, and the frustration of your “prayers” never being answered.

And so, dear soul, what do you choose to create in the next five years? It is entirely up to you. Your future is a vibrating hologram of desires that can be overshadowed by fear of being incapable of acquiring your physical desires. If this is so, financial lack is what you shall create—for you are given the divine energy like modeling clay to shape in any form your mind and heart agree upon.

We encourage you to go into meditation and be still, asking your angels and guides to inspire you as how to manifest prosperity and abundance for the next five years. Write down the ideas that pop into your mind. Listen for negative thoughts that try to bring static to the wave-lengths of angel energy. You need a calm spirit and mind to hear the unspoken messages.



P.S. Do you have a question for Raphael? Send it to us at If you would like a personal consultation with Betty Rae and Raphael call her at 352-848-3011. She charges $60 an hour, so you can choose only fifteen minutes for only $15 is you so desire. The unconditional loving energy that comes through lifts up your spirit and touches your heart.


Dreams: Messages from Your Guardian Angel

A client shared her dream with me this morning, and the information she was given was thrilling. That made me realize what a need there is for everyone to learn to remember, capture, and interpret their dreams. They are like letters from your guardian angels. You can choose to open them and reap the joy they send, or you can choose to leave them closed and toss them in the waste basket like spam.

Now, what if you were to send me your dream and I helped you–not outright interpreted it–but helped you find the gems of wisdom in them as I did today. What a joy it would give me to see your light bulb of understanding turn on.

I spent seven years studying my dreams and how to interpret them. This was before I even knew about Raphael working with me, but one nightmare changed all that. I dreamed I was in an attic bending a bit because of a slanted wall beside an open stairway. Suddenly from the dark recesses of the attic a large cat-sized rat rushed at me. I grabbed a stick and thrust at it, but it kept coming. I kept shoving the stick to keep it away, but it barred its teeth and kept coming. Finally, I shoved the stick into the rat’s eye and stopped it. I dashed down those stairs to find myself in a large empty car showroom. I kept yelling, “Get out! Get out!”

End of dream.

I tried using a technique I learned from Dusty Bunker in “Dream Cycles.” She said to script our dreams after writing them down exactly as we experienced them in the present tense.

So, I wrote,

“Betty Rae: Rat why are you in my dream? You frightened me.”

“Rat: I represent your fears and they are frightening you.”

“Betty Rae: But why did I shove the stick in your eye. Ewee.”

“Rat: The eye represents your perspective on life. Change that and you lose your fears.”

I mused on that for a bit and then wrote,

“Betty Rae: But why did I find myself in a showroom yelling, “Get out! Get out!”

“Rat: You will be asked to showcase your dreams and “get them out” for others to learn how to interpret their dreams.”

And that has been the truth for many years now. But at that time, as I studied what I had typed into my computer, I realized that profound wisdom had not come from me. Someone else much wiser spoke to me. That was before I realized Raphael was working with me on such a personal level as to help me interpret my dreams and later the dreams of many people.

And so, dear friends–get out your dreams and send them to me. I will be happy to help you interpret them. Write the dream in the space below. I will answer it in my next blog.


Betty Rae


Fly with Angels

Dear Friends,

Although today is cloudy, I am filled with sunshine.


I flew with Angels last night.

How do I know that?

I awoke smiling and filled with energy, ready to tackle any and all with vim and vigor and enthusiasm. My spirit is renewed. I am joyful.

May you also fly with angels throughout your nights so that you may be lifted up to spread your light and love throughout your world.

Love, peace, joy!

Betty Rae





Change of Plans!

Dear Friends,

How many times have those words CHANGE OF PLANS! been like neon lights across your forehead?

The most constant thing in life is CHANGE, yet most of us cringe when it happens. Just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM! Change of plans. Do you ever wonder if some mischievous imp sets you up to anticipate something, and then either rains on your parade–literally, or something unexpected happens. I journal everyday, and I cannot count how many times I write about something I am going to do–but when I go back to the journal–it didn’t happen–something changed.

Perhaps when we make plans we set ourselves up for disappointment–as in anticipation or expectations of life going the way we PLAN it–

What would happen if we didn’t plan anything? CHAOS! That’s what.

So? What’s the solution? Tackle it from the other end–let go of expectations or excited anticipation of a hoped-for outcome. How many stories, books, movies are about a woman expecting a ring and proposal of marriage, only to be disappointed? Raphael has always said that “Expectations are the death of relationships.” When a couple puts expectations of certain chores to be done by the other–and they are not, anger or at least irritation can be the result. Pile a whole bunch of little, tiny disappointments and irritations one upon the other, and it can boil up into a volcanic reaction of anger that taken out of context can be confusing and irritating to the partner.

“Never let the sun go down on your anger,” is a wise saying. Those hoped-for results of our plans become disappointments that can simmer with deep-in-the-gut anger. But we ignore them. We think those little, tiny irritations just don’t seem worth bringing up. After all, we can rationalize the “why” and the “wherefore” and we choose to “forget about it.”

Trouble is, our gut emotions do not forget. Our emotions are not attached to our intellect. They can fester even the smallest wrong until it becomes a big WRONG.  When you recognize that gut reaction , CHANGE your mind. Take slow deep breaths all the way down to that gut feeling and imagine you have a broom to sweep all that hurt and anger out of your body and out of your heart–but not out of your mind for only by changing your mind by saying affirmations of release, of love and acceptance can you open your mind, heart and soul to trust CHANGE as the divine plan unfolding in your life. TRUST each change as an opportunity for you to lift your mind and heart out of fear and doubt and into love and trust in God–the Source of all that is.

TRUST is the antithesis to CHANGE. When your plans change, create a habit of seeking to find the good in that change and in all that happens in your life. Lift your consciousness our of disappointment, anger, and resentment and begin to see the divine plan unfolding for your greatest good. Know you are always divinely guided, that angels surround you and protect you, that the Source is only love, peace, harmony, and joy.

May the Peace and Love of God always be with you.

Betty Rae


Sometimes it’s hard to be good.

Sometimes life weighs heavily upon the shoulders.

Sometimes it’s easier to look down than up.

Sometimes I forget to smile.

But when I do—the sun comes out.

I honestly do not know where the above came from. I’m not depressed or bored or unhappy at all, but the words tumbled through when I wrote in my daily journal this morning. Then I think of the many people who come to me for Raphael’s words of encouragement, for inspiration, for something to hold on to when they are lost in that dark space called depression. It is my understanding that way too many people suffer from depression. And so, perhaps today these words came to me to share with you, my friend, for the times when the sun hides behind the heavy dark clouds of your life.

Then it’s time to create your DEPRESSION BUSTERS! Take several 3″ x 5″ cards and cut them in half. Then write at least 50 silly, happy things to do. The idea is to quit thinking and get moving, to do something happy for yourself or for another, to make yourself laugh because when you’re laughing you cannot be blue. Below are a few examples.


2) “Go for a walk in nature.”

3) “Hug a tree.”

4) “Buy a bouquet of flowers.”

5)”Call an “Up” friend.” But do not unload your troubles. Do not speak of your troubles to another. Speak only peaceful, happy words.

6) “Write out a funny joke.” Buy a joke book and write out several on your “Depression Busters Cards.”

7) “Hop from here to the bathroom” (but not if your bladder is too full!)

8) “Clean out a closet or a drawer or the garage!” Or vacuum with forceful strokes and imagine you are sweeping up all your troubles and watching them disappear.

9) “Create a positive, uplifting mantra”–positive uplifting words to say over and over–“I am filled with inner peace.” Or “All my needs are met this day and every day of my life.” Or “Only good can come to me and only good can be with me.” Write out several uplifting affirmations for your “Depression Busters.”

10) “Write a letter to yourself.” Go ahead– spew out all your frustrations, anger and sadness. Then find a metal bowl to set it on fire and watch it burn.

 I think you get the idea. When you feel your energy draining, look around you and see what might have upset you, or might be the cause of your lowered energy. Did someone say something to hurt your feelings? When your energy lowers, so does your consciousness. A lowered consciousness cannot see the hand of God in the situation. Begin taking long, slow deep abdominal breaths and picture yourself surround by angelic beings of light. Feel the unconditional love flowing in and around and through you. Know you are a divine being who is temporarily wearing the human body-costume to act out your part on Earth’s stage.  Know that the other actors on your stage are doing their best to play the role your soul needs to experience this moment in time. Become the star of your stage show by rising above all the petty stuff, all the challenges and stride forth as the hero in your play, saving yourself and others from the dangers of a lowered consciousness and the dark pit of depression. Be a light unto the world. Show them you can shine even in the worst rainstorms of your life.

Remember, I love you, sweet friend. I am hear to listen, to encourage  and to uplift you with my guide, Raphael. Call me. 301-262-5640. Or e-mail (  Ask me a question and Raphael and I will do our best to answer it, or at least to give you a shot of JOY.

Peace, love and joy,

Betty Rae

The Dark Void of Self-Doubt

As we stumble and tumble through time,

Each soul struggles for balance.

Each soul swims through the ticking seconds,

The slow-moving minutes, the fast rushing hours,

The galloping months from birth to death.

And all is recorded.

So how am I doin’ Lord?

I smile at the inspired words above because at times, although I feel cast in a lonely sea without a paddle or an oar, I know I am divinely guided. After  reading a man’s account of his experience with E.S.P., I was swamped with doubt—my biggest enemy. And even if I know it, that does not lessen the impact of doubt riding in on a black horse to shout, “Who do you think you are? Who do you think you are claiming to channel an archangel?” And I am shut down, paralyzed, lost in the dark void of doubt.

Until sleep claims me, and I awaken to the dawn of a new day, a new time, a new opportunity to embrace the moment and all it proclaims in this thick dimension of Earth.

All this doubt came because of the inspiration to offer a session called, “Meet a Channel” at Unity Center of Light, my church here in Bowie. After discovering this wonderful family of metaphysicians, and their minister, Butch Mosby, I knew I had found a spiritual home. Believe me, that was not an easy thing to do for a channel as most Christian churches think of me as coming straight from the Devil himself! Long ago, I took with me to a visiting church my book by Jane Roberts about Seth, a channeled work. Well, when the minister caught sight of it, he warned me I was going to hell, turned and beat a blazing path in the opposite direction! Even my x-husband said I was going to hell in a hand-basket because of my disbelief in a heaven or a hell.

Having Extra Sensory Perception or ESP can spook people, too. “How do you know that?” I am asked. My response: “I don’t really know how I know.” But proof comes when I describe someone’s home when I have never been there. Or I sense an illness in their body and they confirm it. Or I sense a loved one who has passed and wants to let them know they are still here, only in a different dimension–still here, loving them, and caring about them. When I am giving messages to a person, my whole being fills with joy. I am drenched in a total unconditional love for the person. There is no judgment or “should” or “ought”. There is only acceptance and love. And I get to feel that surging through me and embracing the person.

As I record this here, I am again filled with that amazing love, and I wonder how I could ever doubt that I have been blessed with the gift of “second sight” or ESP. I am blessed to share that gift with others who call upon me. I am certain that only those whom God has chosen can come to me. Only those who put aside their own doubt can follow the inspiration to come and talk to a channel — a telephone for God. For indeed, that is what I am–simply an instrument connecting the next dimension with this one.

And so, dear friends, I cast aside that veil of darkness and doubt, and I step into the light of goodness, trust, love and joy. I am but a servant ready to serve each of you with a “teaspoon of sugar to make the medicine go down…” and lighten your steps while on planet Earth.

With great love and joy,

Betty Rae

How I Became a Psychic

Many people ask me how I became psychic. Some think you have to be born with it–like a Mozart or Bach to produce such amazing music . But I know that isn’t the case at least with me. I learned to become psychic through meditation. I learned that when I relaxed my mind and allowed my inner senses to open, I would receive amazing inspirations and insights. (See my art page–and my publications) My “Clairvoyance” (a French word for “clear seeing”) was the first to open because I am more right brain, whereas left brain people are sometimes stuck in believing only what they can touch, feel or analyze under a microscope.

I spoke with a young woman this past weekend who was upset because she heard a message from a friend who had passed into the next dimension. It scared her. Fortunately, she told her husband about it so that during the funeral when the husband spoke of his wife, she was given confirmation that her experience was real.

I met another young woman who was having a similar experience in seeing those who have passed. She was afraid she was losing her mind. I assured her she was not, that she was merely opening her psychic abilities.

Now understand–opening your psychic abilities does not make you a medium–someone who communes with the dead. No. It opens your creative-problem-solving abilities and makes you look like the smartest person on the block! Most of my work is in helping people connect with their soul’s vision for their life. In this way they can fulfill their highest potential.

It takes a whole lot of trust in a higher power to let go of fear and doubt when your psychic abilities begin to blossom. I remember when I first learned about psychometry–getting energy from someone’s ring–I amazed myself at how accurate my visions were. I told a woman how I saw her going up in a closed-in stairway where I saw her turning the pages of a large book. She confirmed I had seen when she had gone up into her attic and was looking at a picture album. Another woman’s ring revealed different objects in her home–where I had never visited. Another woman revealed the heavy sadness that surrounded her from the loss of a loved one. One time at a large metaphysical exposition, I saw a woman’s young son who had passed and gave her his message as to why he had to leave so soon. She cried, but felt so much better. She let me know she had received more from me in fifteen minutes than she had from an hour with a very well-know psychic that same day.

As I gained confidence in the visions and intuitive sensing that came to me, I boldly gave everything that I saw, felt, heard or knew to each person who came to me. I knew that if it was given to me, it was given to share with the person–but what was given was always positive.

When I first started, I worked with a small group of psychics who used a wide range of tools of their trade from crystal balls and Tarot cards to pendulums and palm reading. I was very new and very naïve. But when one woman “told it like it was” and what she told was most often negative–I cringed and determined I would not follow that example. Consequently, I opened myself to higher realms–to the angelic realm–where the Archangel Raphael became my guide. All my readings point to God. In even the worse case scenario that a person can experience like the loss of a child, it can be shown from a higher perspective as to how the soul follows a divine plan for the life that may happen to be short.

When I first started seeing past lifetimes, I was in awe of the experience. One woman I had read for was quite shaken with the story when the past life ended with her being stabbed in the stomach! Then I learned that she had been having a re0ccuring nightmare about being stabbed! She was afraid to go out at night. After the reading, she soon recovered when she realized that the dream was a past life–not a future prediction!

So, how can YOU become a PSYCHIC? Take one of my on-line courses and learn how to use more than 10% of your brain’s potential–which will open your inner senses and increase your intuition. You will be amazed at the things that can happen.

A caution! If you want to learn to become psychic so you can earn a living as a psychic counselor, I must tell you it doesn’t work that way. Most psychics have a hard time earning enough to pay the bills. If I had not been a full time teacher, I know I could not have been financially independent. To become a spiritual counselor, you need to learn a whole lot about non-judgment and unconditional love first. I’ve met too many psychics who think they can tell you how to live your life or else dire things can happen. I remember when my husband and I were in TX, we spontaneously went to a psychic who got my husband alone to tell him he had a woman in his past who had put a spell on him–and she could remove that spell for X amount of $. Oh! My!

Unless you have a pure heart and a firm desire to be of service to others, you may learn to be psychic, but it will not be successful. Instead, learn to become psychic to open your own abilities to become a more successful, happy, well-balanced, healthy person.

I just enjoyed the past weekend visiting with my family for my 80th birthday celebration. My sons came from Colorado, California, Texas, and my x-husband and his friend came all the way from New Orleans. Although my daughter, who lives nearby in MD, is quite intuitive and metaphysical, my sons being a cop, an engineer, and a scientist are quite suspicious of their mother’s beliefs. And yet my ability to turn my visions into a form of beauty had then cocking their heads and accepting that their mom must have some secret gifts. Everyone commented that I looked more like 60 than 80. Their love flowed freely to me on this happy reunion. I am so blessed. But, I must say, in the beginning their disapproval of my “gifts” could have shut me down. I’m so glad it did not. I truly believe by opening my mind and heart and soul to the divine wisdom for myself and others, has rejuvenated me and kept me looking young.

I truly believe each person needs to open their intuition so that they can enjoy a fuller, richer life experience. Our goal (Raphael and me) is  to help you become all that your soul planned for you–to be successful, blessed in rich and happy relationships, have all the financial freedom you need and, of course, know unconditional love and joy.

Blessings to each of you!

Betty Rae


Freedom Means a Focus on Light vs Dark

When I think about the “entitlement generation” I cringe at this misperception of freedom. I was glad to retire from my junior high classroom because students had less and less courtesy and respect for teachers or any adults or even one another. If they were wealthy, they believed they were powerful and could sass or ignore an assignment. I shake my head  in sadness.

Last night I watched an old movie called, “Mr. Sir,” with Sidney Poitier playing a black teacher entering an all white poverty-stricken school. It was his first teaching experience. He was an engineer who could not get a job in his field and turned to teaching as a last resort. His beautiful soul was at first astounded at the disrespect given to him.  Then slowly, he realized how the text books did nothing for these students in real life. So he dumped them in the waste basket and told them they would talk about real  life instead. He began by demanding they show respect for one another by calling them Miss or Mr. And this is how he was given the title “Mr. Sir”.

This beautiful teacher’s spirit turned each of his students away from hatred, anger, frustration, envy, depression and all of the other emotions of darkness, into the light of knowledge, peace, successful living, patience, tolerance, and joy.

When he got a notice of an engineering job, Mr. Sir was elated. But as his students showed their appreciation of him and all he had done for them, in the end he gave up a more lucrative job for a job where he was most needed and had the most talents to give.

You, dear friend, are like this teacher of light. You have been called to turn others away from the fear and doubt of daily living into the love and trust of the light. As Raphael says, “Be a beacon of light unto the world. Visualize the world glowing with the love and peace of each consciousness raised into the light.”

Let this July be a month for freedom for all peoples. Let the light shine upon all nations, all governments. Send angels to lift up hearts and minds to act with love and kindness to one another. AMEN!