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Happy Valentine’s Day!

A Bushel-full of Love to You!


May this day and every day of your life

Be filled with laughter, smiling faces,

Heartwarming surprises, uplifting messages,

Sincere compliments and warm hugs!


A Course in Spiritual Mastership 

Betty Rae is excited to introduce her latest work: A Course in Spiritual Mastership,  channeled in a conversational style between Betty Rae and the Archangel Raphael. It is the result of many years of presenting workshops and personal consultations. It brings to you her guided meditations that have delighted and uplifted hundreds of people across the world when she helps you interpret the hidden messages within. This course takes you to a new level of spiritual development by examining every aspect of your life: your mind, body, emotions and soul.

 A Course in Spiritual Mastership is not intended to be a read-though-and-be-done book. It is a course that requires time and attention to garner all the wisdom contained within. It is only for serious students of spiritual wisdom. It offers a new way of thinking that leads to a new way of life that can bring amazing experiences and joyous revelations.

 Course Outline

Chapter 1: The Tools of Mastership

Chapter 2: The Levels of Consciousness

Chapter 3: A New Way to Meditate

Chapter 4: Discover the Real You

Chapter 5: Discover Your Soul

Chapter 6: Discover Your Batteries

Chapter 7: Master Your Physical Body

Chapter 8: Master Your Mind

Chapter 9: Master Your Emotions

Chapter 10: Master Your Relationships

Chapter 11: Master Dream Interpretation

Chapter 12: Master Life’s Games

Chapter 13: Master the Art of Listening

Chapter 14: Master Your Star Energy

Chapter 15: Master a Balanced Life

The 221 pages of this workbook include a glossary of terms, an interpretation of symbols, numbers and colors, and  a list of recommended reading and viewing. It is set up in a three-ring-binder format allowing you to add pages of your response to the visualizations and your interpretation of the messages contained within them.

Cost $25.00 plus shipping and handling $10.00. Betty Rae accepts checks mailed to 12316 Welling Land, Bowie, MD 20715


Angels as Defined by Children!

Angels… as explained By Children.

I only know the names of two angels,

Hark and Harold.
– Gregory, age 5

Everybody’s got it all wrong.
Angels don’t wear halos anymore.

I forget why, but scientists are working on it

– Olive, age 9

It’s not easy to become an angel!

First, you die.
Then you go to Heaven,

and then there’s still the flight training to go through.
And then you got to agree to wear those angel clothes.
– Matthew, age 9

Angels work for God and watch over kids

when God has to go do something else.

– Mitchell, age 7

My guardian angel helps me with math,

but he’s not much good for science.
– Henry, age 8

Angels don’t eat, but they drink milk from

Holy Cows!!!

Jack, age 6

Angels talk all the way while they’re flying you up to heaven.

The main subject is where you went wrong before you got dead.

– Daniel, age 9

When an angel gets mad, he takes a deep breath and counts to ten.
And when he lets out his breath again, somewhere there’s a tornado.

– Reagan, age 10

Angels have a lot to do and they keep very busy.
If you lose a tooth, an angel comes in through your window

and leaves money under your pillow.
Then when it gets cold, angels go south for the winter.

– Sara, age 6

Angels live in cloud houses made by God

and his Son, who’s a very good carpenter.

– Jared, age 8

All angels are girls because they gotta wear dresses
and boys didn’t go for it.

– Antonio, age 9

My angel is my grandma who died last year.

She got a big head start on helping me

while she was still down here on earth.

– Ashley ~ age 9

Some of the angels are in charge of helping heal 

sick animals and pets.

And if they don’t make the animals get better,

they help the child get over it.

– Vicki , age 8

What I don’t get about angels is

why, when someone is in love,

they shoot arrows at them.

– Sarah , age 7



Blessings in Abundance to You in This Holiday Season

10 Ways to De-stress the Holidays


1) Take three deep breaths every three hours by breathing in deep blue light and flushing out the tension of not enough time and not enough money.

2) Switch off the negative thoughts by refusing to worry about anything you cannot change in the moment. Turn on the positive thoughts of all the beauty surrounding you.

3) Avoid the people who drain your energy. Spend time with people who increase your energy.

4) Turn on happy thoughts by searching for and focusing on the good each day brings.

5) Consider gifts of time instead of money–bake a batch of cookies; send a card for an hour’s long-distance phone call; or a dinner date; or a movie–or both.

6) Read uplifting books; watch uplifting movies to increase your energy storage batteries (Chakras).

7) Recharge your Chakra batteries daily with a meditation that visualizes those beautiful balls of light as bright, healthy and glowing.

8) Get enough rest and sleep.

9) Make a list and check it twice to cross off anything not absolutely necessary–keep activities limited.

10) Smile 100 times each day!



What Will Your Thanksgiving Day Be?

For some people Thanksgiving is a cherished family tradition where everyone gathers at one person’s home. The smell of roast turkey greets the senses as you enter the house. You inhale and smile at the noisy chatter assaulting the ears while you experience the happy faces, the hugs and the warm greetings.

How blessed are you if that scenario is part of your life.

But what if it is not? What if you are all alone with no one to greet you with a smile and a hug. Or what if you dread the family scenarios because it is not always comfortable for you. What then?

Then you discover your soul’s age and how far you have progressed on your spiritual path as a co-creator with God:

  • If you are a young, inexperienced soul, you might be angry at the family you did have and who seemingly abandoned you. You might sulk and be bitter and add to your pity party by getting drunk.
  • If you are a mature soul, you might call someone who is also alone and invite them to come for dinner.

Through the many free fifteen-minute readings, Raphael has capsulized  all his words of wisdom into a few main ideas. Perhaps by sharing what I have learned in all the years of having the privilege of being taught by this great archangel, you, too can enjoy a life filled with abundance and joy.

  • I have learned that we are souls wrapped in a physical vehicle of expression, acting upon Earth’s stage like Shakespeare has said, “All of life is a stage and we are actors upon it.”
  • Our main purpose is to understand how to mold the divine energy into physical matter through the use of our human intellect and emotions. Raphael calls our emotions the engine that drives an idea into manifestation—positive emotions equal positive results—negative, fear-filled or doubtful emotions abort any good ideas and often manifest the fears instead—the opposite of what we desire to create.
  • While on this Earth with its push and pull of the polarities, we are constantly buffeted between these positive/negative poles as we desperately seek for balance, clarity and understanding of why things happen as they do, without realizing that we are the ones creating the life as we experience it.
  • Our souls may have drawn the outline or “blueprint” for our life’s drama, but we are ad-libbing all the way through it, and constantly shifting and changing the story.
  • I have learned that every person, place or thing both seen and unseen is really divine energy. I have come to understand that I see energy as vibrating color, sound and patterns. Souls appear to me as huge columns of light that look like Fourth-of-July sparklers dancing in their own DNA pattern. I understand that while they have no verbal “name”, their energy/sound is unique and announces who they are.
  • I have learned that the orb of amber light surrounding a person’s head reveals that person’s intellect. When I see specks of brown in geometric shapes within that intellectual body, I know the person has self-doubt and self-deprecation.
  • I have learned that the orb of swirling colors in the center of the body is the person’s emotional center. When it is healthy, it is a brilliant sunshine yellow. But when I see swirls of red or greener of the gut I know they have stored negative emotions of anger, resentment, hurts and emotional pain. I am given a whole lot of information from the color, size and vibration of this area.
  • I have come to understand these orbs of energy that I see along the spine as bundles of information. I call them “Circuit Breakers” of your body’s energy system. They are also called by the ancient esoteric term Chakras or “spinning wheels”. I see them with my inner eye as vibrating jewel-like orbs of color spinning clockwise. When the orbs are misshapen, or discolored, I know it is not healthy. Sometimes when I view a misshapen circuit breaker, I am shown a past lifetime that explains why there is trouble in that area—usually because of a relationship that has failed, or in which there is a confrontation that has not been resolved.  Each orb has a story to tell me by its size and color.
  • I have learned to discern a person’s physical health by observing their circuit breakers. Whenever too much stress drains one of those energy centers, it can no long keep the physical body healthy. Enough stress and you can “blow a fuse” that will show up as pain or a physical ailment. God created those circuit breakers to keep your “house” alive and healthy for a hundred or more years, but if you are constantly using that energy to solve emotional problems, you are bound to cause a blockage in the meridians within your body and thus create illness or physical discomfort.

Quantum physics is far beyond my intellect and understanding. And yet, I am learning how energy patterns are the stuff of this study of physics. I do not have the scientific understanding of how I know the things I know about total strangers—but from the positive feedback, I understand that I am more “on” than “off.” I do not believe any psychic—or mystic as I choose to call myself—is 100% accurate. This is not a “science” in the true sense of the word because I cannot follow a “double-blind” protocol. But experience is always the best teacher. From the many hundreds of people who have told me that the words I speak with Raphael have helped and even changed the direction of their lives—well, I shall keep on doing this for another ten of so years into my 90’s if God so desires.

As I evolve as an apprentice soul in training to become a master at using God-energy, I have learned to listen to the ideas that come to me and to act upon them, from the simplest need to find  a safety pin, to creating my Symbol’s rug, (see art work on my web page: Ideas come in a flash without form. They are immediately connected to the emotions where they can die if I react in fear and doubt. They can only be born when I trust their reality as a probable future experience, which is the idea of quantum physics.

I am learning to examine my thoughts and to put a guard on them to alert me when I am creating through fear and doubt and self-deprecation. As soon as I become aware of a negative thought, I take a deep breath and replace it with a positive affirmation–like those three-dimensional binoculars where you put in slides—you can imagine you are shoving the negative slide-thought out to put the positive one in. I constantly use my imagination to raise my energy vibration out of anxiety, fear and doubt until I feel calm and peaceful. It is an act of will. But I had to learn to listen to that self-talk and then choose the energy vibration that will allow me to manifest my heart’s desires…and I am constantly giving thanks for all the wonderful things I have created in this life. It was hard to write that as “I have created,” rather than “God has created,” and am reminded that I have full power over the God-Energy to do with it as I wish. I am the creator of my world. I take full responsibility for each experience, each scenario, each success and failure, which I no longer see as “failure” but only as the gift of experience leading to wisdom.

With unconditional love and sincere wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving, we remain,

Betty Rae and Raphael

Archangel Raphael Teleconference

The Archangel Raphael Speaks!

A 5-Week Teleconference Discussion on Raphael’s book:

Life in 3D
Merging Dimensions:
Physical, Spiritual & Soul

This class offers a wonderful way to have a discussion with an archangel!


Background Story

The Archangel Raphael speaks more and more in terms of energy patterns and how they stream from various sources, touching your energy patterns, continuously moving, shifting and affecting you in subtle ways. You can react to these energies like an oar-less boat in the ocean being tossed this way and that. Or you can read Raphael’s book and find a rudder and a couple of oars to steer your boat in the direction you want to go. Raphael’s book provides those tools and more to help you feel safe and secure in your world no matter what storms may rock your boat.

Life in 3D evolved over nine months—like the birthing a child. The first time Betty Rae went into a deep trance state and the archangel came through and spoke with her voice, she was confused and frightened. But the archangel knew this and sent an experienced person who had seen other channels. Landi Mellas calmed Betty Rae’s fears and the wonderful words of wisdom poured through her. Landi directed the sessions with her questions. After several recorded encounters with this large and gentle angel, they were inspired to transcribe the words into a book. Landi just “happened to have” two transcribers. Both women quickly went to work, typed out the book and had it published.

The Discussion

Because of the many free readings for new people that Betty Rae has been giving over the last several months, she realized that many of the concepts Raphael shared were new to them, especially when the archangel spoke of “quantum physics and energy.”
Even those who were familiar with these concepts and read Raphael’s book commented that it was “deep” but that they “loved it,” or that they were in the second reading of it. Realizing how both old and new concepts were presented, Raphael has asked Betty Rae to hold an open discussion through a series of teleconferences, where the archangel could speak directly with people. A teleconference makes it easier for people all around the world to attend. The added advantage is that you do not have dress up and go out in the weather to attend.

Betty Rae has set two dates in January 2015, for the five-week teleconference:
Mondays—January 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and February 2nd, from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. EST
And Saturday mornings, January 10th, 17th, 24th, and 31st, from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. EST.

Life in 3D Outline

Week 1: Chapter 1—Merging the Dimensions: Physical, Spirit & Soul
Chapter 2—Soul Personalities: The Colors of God
Week 2: Chapter 3—The Council of Elders: Introducing “Hotep”
Chapter 4—The “Other Side”: From Start to Finish
Week 3: Chapter 5—The Spirit Dimension: The Seven Realms
Chapter 6—Life’s Stage: Why People Do What They Do
Week 4: Chapter 7—Truth…: About Health
Chapter 8—…Or Consequences: About Illness
Week 5: Chapter 9—A World of Illusion: What on Earth Are You Creating?
Chapter 10—Predictions of the Future

The cost is $30 per session. There are no “Make-up Classes” as the conferences will be recorded, and you can listen with a special password as many times as you desire. Please register at least two days in advance of each session—or you may sign up for all five. Class sizes are limited so register early by calling or e-mailing Betty Rae.

The cost of the book  “Life in 3D” is $16.97 plus $6.00 shipping.

Call Betty Rae at 443-716-6768 for additional information
Or e-mail her at Or go to her web page:

A Message from the Archangel Raphael

Your Connection with God

Dear Ones,

We come to you this day to bring you understanding of how your connection with God and the angels can bring you peace and comfort. Once you let go of anxiety and doubt, your body begins to relax and your mind can unlock it’s fears. Only in this state of trust can you make the connection, which will swell within you as perfect love and acceptance of yourself and others.

Non-judgment is the key. Most often when you find fault in another, it is to protect yourself from criticism and blame. Life spins its web of drama, which ensnares your heart, mind and soul. You feel helpless in your physical state, not knowing that you are made up of far more than bone and skin. Your soul–a giant being of light–desires greatly to make contact with you, to let you know you are not alone, that you have not been abandoned upon Earth’s Stage. For, indeed, it is a stage upon which a soul dons a costume to act with other soul friends for a very short play.

This drama allows your soul to learn the tools of creation,

the energy by which matter is made manifest.

Your soul is an apprentice in training under the Master Creator, God. Each soul is spun out from the Creator as thought forms–energy wheels carrying the thoughts of the Source of all that is. Your purpose, dear one, is to connect with your soul and learn its plan for your life. Once you connect and follow that plan without fear or doubt, all things are made clear. Your life begins to flow. Your heart lightens. You smile more. Your joy spills out making others smile.

The more you trust your inner guidance

that connects you with God,

the more joy you will experience.

But you ask, how do you know it is guidance from your soul and not your own desires for recognition, or revenge, or “success”? Use the following four steps to determine the answer:

1) Step One: Check the source of the desire: Did the idea for your next step come when you were relaxed and at peace–or anxious and distressed? If the latter, it comes from your lower consciousness and will only create more stress. When an idea slips into your mind while you are relaxed, in meditation, or waking from sleep, you can explore it more fully by asking for more information, more clarity.

2) Step Two: After you have received more clarity that the desire comes from your soul, follow the ideas given.

3) As often happens when you follow a divine inspiration, you may run into a block. Step back and go into your meditation place and ask for more information as to where to go or what to do next. Do not expect an answer immediately, but an answer will come.

4) When you are inspired as to the next step, follow it without doubt or fear and be prepared for an experience like you have never known before.

Be at peace, dear one. Know that you are constantly guided by angels who dote on you like the Kings and Queens you are! The divine inspirations given to you are meant to be made manifest. Each one followed gains you knowledge and  wisdom in your apprenticeship as a Co-Creator with the Source, the Creator is all that is.

Your Servant,

The Archangel Raphael

Wishes Can Come True!

What Do You Wish For?

Do you believe that wishes can come true? We all have a list of things we desire in our lives. After reading for an avalanche of people who signed up for my 15-minute free angel reading, I witnessed a whole gamut of wishes from a new relationship, to getting a new job and getting out of debt, to wanting to know a life’s purpose to how to grow spiritually.

It has been such a joy for me to meet so many people from all over the world–Africa, India, Ireland, Canada, and all across the U.S. They say “Be careful what you wish for,” and that is certainly true and is why I’m writing this blog. I wished to bring the wisdom of Raphael to more people.  From being the receiver of all that wisdom, I have learned how to make my wishes come true.

This web page is an example of how my wishes come true. I wished for a way to bring Raphael’s wisdom to more people. Then  Michelle Kulp walked into my life–and made what seemed like an impossibly big wish come true. Within a ten months we set up a web page and created “Free Angel Readings” as an invitation to join my web page. The flood of requests is amazing.

But it didn’t happen in a snap. I had to follow the divine guidance step by step as it was given. I took Michelle’s “On-Line Course” and then her “Blogging for Profit” class and overloaded my brain. Then I switched from Pay Pal to a bank card payment and was forced to stuff a whole bunch more tech stuff into my bulging brain–but I did it. And I am so pleased that my wishes have come true.

Make a List!

In so many of my readings, Raphael has suggested that first people make a list of all the things they NO LONGER WANT TO EXPERIENCE: i.e., poverty; loneliness; confrontations; illness; etc. The first thing on my NO-NO! list was: “I no longer wish to shovel snow ever again.” Well, I moved from MI to FL for a while, but then moved here to MD after my MI house sold–and ran smack into SNOW!  But, after what people here called a “bad winter”, I was looking at MI and smiling. But I never shoveled snow all winter. After the first big snowfall, two young men materialized at my front door, asking if they could shovel my drive and sidewalk–for a reasonable price. They have been my helpers ever since.

So, then you take that list of what you no longer wish to experience and write your list of WHAT YOU WISH TO EXPERIENCE. See if you can write a hundred things!

Make Your Wishes Come True

Again, from all these free readings, I have learn a lot about making wishes come true. There are certain things we must learn to do until they become automatic. It’s like retraining our brains and our emotional reactions to life.  The first is to put a guard on your thoughts and weed out those that are negative–“Oh, I don’t have time to do that!” or “Oh, I don’t have money for that!” or “I’m not smart enough, or pretty enough or…” Weed them out of your mind’s garden and start planting flowers of affirmation like: “If I’ve been given the idea, then God will send me step-by-step inspirations in how to make it happen. Then step back and let it all go.

Anxiety, worry and doubt are killers of wishes.

So, all you skeptics and cynics out there will scoff at all of this. But I can tell you that in my 80 years upon this planet, I have made all my wishes come true. So,from someone who knows. start making your Christmas Wish List right now and before you know it that Great Wish-maker–God–or Santa Clause or whomever wraps your gifts–will get ready to deliver all your wishes.


Four-week Class in Deep Meditation for the Spiritually Minded

Presented by Betty Rae, B.S., M.Ed. 

and the Archangel Raphael

Dates: Four, One Hour On-Line Classes on Monday Nights:

October 27th, November 3rd, 10th, and 17th from 7 p.m. until 8 p.m.

Or Four, One-Hour at Betty Rae’s Home on Tuesday Nights:

October 28th, November 4th, 11th, and 18th from 7 to 8 p.m.

Limit: SIX PEOPLE per class.

Start your week off right!


Description: In this deep meditation class with Betty Rae and her guide, the Archangel Raphael, you will be given specific steps in raising your consciousness out of fear and doubt and into love and joy. This class is developed for those who already have an understanding of spiritual truths and a desire to become more aware of the guidance they receive from angels and guides while on their journey.

Class Requirements: “Scientific Journal” and time set aside daily for meditation.

Week One

  • Preparing yourself for this form of deep meditation
  • The four stages of meditation
  • Guided meditation–Beta to Alpha
  • Interpreting your experience
  • What to do this week


Week Two

  • Feedback on your e-mails
  • Moving from Beta to Alpha
  • Guided meditation–going deeper into Alpha
  • Interpreting your experience
  • What to do this week


Week Three

  • Feedback and discussion on your e-mail
  • Messages and guidance in your meditation
  • Guided meditation–meet your guide/s
  • Interpreting your experience
  • What to do this week


Week Four

  • Feedback and discussion on your e-mails
  • Preparation for a deep spiritual mediation
  • Guided mediation–seeking guidance
  • Interpreting your experience
  • What’s next?


This course is limited to six participants per course!

Course: $120, paid in full at least one week in advance (by October 20th) You can go to “Workshops” in this web site and see a payment button where you enter the amount of $120 or you can send a check to Betty Rae, 12316 Welling Lane, Bowie, MD 20715.

If you have any questions, please call me at 301-262-5640, or e-mail me at



How to Become a Spiritual Alchemist.

Turn Your Troubles (Lead) into the GOLD of Your Desires

Raphael and I get a lot of calls asking us when the person will find their true love, or win the lottery, or find a new job. In a simple incident this morning, I realized one big ingredient for manifesting our desires–overcome anxiety and doubt–the lead a spiritual alchemist uses to turn into the gold of ones desires.

We all desire to have good things happen. What we don’t know is: our doubts and anxieties are the lead through which many of our life experiences fail to turn into gold. To become a Spiritual Alchemist, you need to learn to pay attention to your emotions first–and second, how your mind reacts to them.

An example: After gardening, I needed to get rid of a lot of debris–old sod, branches, dead leaves, etc. I had to learn the “rules of the game” for my city of Bowie, MD, to know what they would take and how to contain it. My first attempt was left on the curb untouched. I hadn’t cut up the branches small enough or wrapped them up with rope. The second attempt went better when I put stuff in paper bags, but I worried they wouldn’t accept them because they were too heavy. I worried they wouldn’t accept the one plastic bag because we ran out of the paper ones. And today, it started to rain! Oh! Lord! The anxiety level rose through the top of my head. What if the bags disintegrated? What if I have this big muddy mess left at my curb?

When I heard the truck, I slipped on shoes and dashed out the door to talk with the men in charge. They firmly let me know they did NOT take plastic bags. I told them how I was learning what they did take and how I’d run out of the paper bags. They said they’d take it this once and proceeded to empty the branches into the truck–not an easy chore because they caught in the plastic. But the men went the extra mile and did it.

And I was successful in overcoming my anxieties and fears and project instead the happy empty space at my curb!

Too often we project anxiety, worry and doubt into our future world’s reality, manifesting what we do not want instead of what we do want. Our emotions play a large role in how we create prosperity and abundance. We hear those words but wonder just how in the world do we make it happen. Well–there are some key things to remember:

1) Know what you want to create. Look for your resistance to it–your doubts that it can happen–your anxiety that it won’t be as you desire.

2) Focus clearly on the END RESULTS of what you desire–not how to get there. Divine inspiration will lead you step by step–if you really listen. For example, one woman wanted to bring in more income. She was inspired to decorate her cell phone. It was sparkly and amazing. When people asked her where she got it, she smiled and admitted she’d made it. They asked her to make one for them. But she refused as it took a whole lot of work–and of course, her friends wanted it for free. Right? Well, here was an opportunity to make extra money, and she missed it. (Well, maybe not because when she came to Raphael for a reading, he suggested she could make a lot of extra income from a “cottage industry” right at home!)

3) Visualization is a key part of manifesting your desires. Hold positive, happy pictures in your mind of how you would feel when your desire is made real. See yourself jumping up and giving someone a “High Five.”

4) Constant diligence in swatting away the doubts and anxieties like pesky flies trying to keep you from your desires.

Having your lawn debris picked up may seem like a trivial thing to you, but it is part of the stuff of everyday life.  Part of the OPPORTUNITY to practice using the divine energy–freely given–to mold into whatever you desire. These exercises in manifestation are the key reasons for our soul taking on a physical body–to learn to manifest matter within physical dimensions. We are like an apprentice under the Master Creator–God. We get to practice daily in overcoming challenges and turning them into gold, like the alchemists of old.

Let us hear from you in your experiences in turning the lead of anxiety in your stomach– into the gold of happy endings!

Call us–Raphael and me–if you need our help in overcoming those hurdles of life to turn them into gold. 301-262-5640. We can set up an appointment to talk. Go to “Services” to select the amount of time you wish.

Happy manifesting!

Betty Rae and Raphael