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What! January’s over? Well, A belated Happy New Year everyone!

A Belated Happy New Year to You!

I just got off the phone with a client who wondered if I was still alive when she saw my last blog was in November!

I guess I’ve been caught up in creating again–but not with mosaics or any other art form. This time I’m using all my creative energies to establish a wonderful dwelling here in Clover Leaf Farms in Brooksville, Florida. Ever since I bought this little two-bedroom, two bath home back in March, I’ve been renovating–putting in a new kitchen, need flooring, new white siding, new windows with red shutters, and an amazing back yard with a Sacred Spiral, a patio of red blocks, raised gardens lined with red bricks, and a four-foot waterfall. I’m in heaven.

We are all creators, using divine energy every day to make our lives more beautiful, prosperous, exciting and fun–or not. When we allow our energy level to drop into negative vibrations, we create negative experiences and wonder why God did that to us. God didn’t do it. We did. We take the powerful, freely given divine energy and treat ourselves either to uplifting, joyful experiences or negative energy creations.

We’ve all heard the saying, “An attitude of gratitude creates a joy-filled life.” To experience joy, your energy has to be lifted up out of anxiety, pessimism, anger, depression and self doubt. Only when you are grateful every single moment for the gift of life, can you begin to become aware of all the wonderful things of beauty around you. Only then can your life reflect that beauty, peace, harmony and joy.

And so, dear friends, my New Year’s wish for you is to have you always focus on what is good in your life, and eliminate rehashing what was bad. For what you focus upon–you create! May this year of 2016 be the most adventurous, creative, joyful and fun-filled year of your life.

Betty Rae

Can a Psychic Really Tell Your Future?

Can a Psychic Really Tell Your Future?

 First of all, we don’t use that dirty work, “psychic” anymore because it has gotten such a bad rep. We’re called Clairvoyants, or Mystics, or Intuitives, etc. Secondly, no one can predict the future accurately because it can shift and change so easily. And thirdly, each person is creating their future by their mind-sets—and if they change their mind—they change their future.

Even so—the most famous psychics like Sylvia Brown, or even Edgar Cayce were reported to be at the most 80% accurate. That means that for every 10 things they might predict, two will be either totally wrong, or slightly off, or simply have not come to pass yet. For example, I gave a reading to a young woman and almost everything I “predicted” or even said, she would shake her head and say, “No, that’s not right.” Well, I felt like a total failure. But…four years later, she came to my retreat center and said, “I listened to your reading just before I came, and everything you said has come true.” That blew me away.

And still, I do not claim to be a predictor of the future. And after studying Quantum Physics, I don’t believe anything in the future is carved in solid stone. I’ve come to understand that everything is vibrating energy, which emits sound and color. With my guide, the Archangel Raphael’s help, I am shown the soul’s vibrating energy, which presents itself as a huge column of light made up of billions of tiny lights like Fourth-of-July sparklers. The color shows me the soul’s point of view or the way it will approach life. For example, a red soul will seek power and control, learning leadership often through the military or a police force, while a blue soul will seek to express itself in a multitude of ways: art, music, dance, acting, writing, etc. A green soul will seek to be of service to others, while a violet soul will seek to understand God and may try to save your soul.

Now here comes the kicker—I’ve come to believe that there is no future—or past—that there is only NOW. Whatever you have experienced is part of your past—only while you are here in the physical form on a physical planet. But your soul is like an accomplished actor who has written plays to act out as the lead character on Planet Earth’s stage. So when I’m shown a “past life” it is like an actor stepping on a stage and re-enacting Shakespeare’s Hamlet. He/she knows the lines perfectly and in that moment the soul is experiencing another time and place—another story the soul has already written—but when it reviews that story, it can change it. It no longer gets caught up in the polarities of our planet. It can review the life without pain, or remorse, or guilt, or any of a human being’s emotions. In fact, souls tell me they love to act on Earth’s stage. They say there is a waiting list of souls who desire to come into physical form so they can tell their stories.

So, can a psychic really tell the future? Most definitely. When a clairvoyant “sees” something that could happen in a person’s life, the probability of that happening is 80%. But, if that person changes their lifestyle, or their minds about whom and what they are—then their future also shifts and changes. Which leads us to this thought: You are the creator of your future. What you focus on will become your reality. So, if you are a cup-half-empty type of person, you will always look for what’s wrong with your life—and you will find it. But if you are a cup-half-full person, you will create a life rich in positive experiences because that’s what you focused upon!

Be the predictor of your own future. Focus on bringing your true self—your soul—into the picture. You are a being of light. You are filled with divine energy waiting to be expressed in a physical world. You are powerful. Create powerful experiences that can change the world.

Sending you an abundance of joy,

We are

Betty Rae & Raphael

Triple-A Spiritual Life Insurance

The Triple-A Spiritual Life Insurance Policy

Awareness — Once you begin to pay attention to your thoughts, to sort out those that are productive and those that are not, you raise your awareness and can begin to pull in the reins of the wild horse of your mind.

Affirmation — The next step in the Triple-A  Spiritual Live Insurance Policy is to make an affirmation that will steer your mind in the right direction.

Action — And the last quick step to insure a safe journey is to take action: If you are stuck in negative thoughts, get up and move, dance and sing, or go for a walk in nature, or hug a tree, or clean a closet. Do not allow your mind to hold negative thoughts for they will take control of your life. Allow your Triple-A insurance policy to kick in.

If your thoughts are to take a positive action that will thrill and excite you, make an affirmation of confidence that you can, indeed, succeed in following this inspiration…and know the next step to do so is just waiting for you. So breathe deeply and listen–meditate, and then go about your business with full awareness that the next clue is coming.

And the best thing about this insurance policy–it’s free!

The Power of Thoughts

Did you know that your thoughts are spinning out into the Universe, collecting like energy and sending a physical picture, feeling, idea, or experience right back to you? Do your realize that you are made up of molecules of divine energy, shining like a beacon of light? Most people cannot see the amazing subtle energy surrounding you. Some can. They call it an “Aura”, and it can be seen by sensitives–and they can feel it, too. If you are a cup-half-full person, your light is bright and people feel good around you. If you are a cup-half-empty person, your light can dim with your thoughts of lack, anger, anxiety, stress, and feelings of being overwhelmed–and people will be uncomfortable around you.

Did you know that your aura, your emotions, and your thoughts–all being energy–have a vibration, color and sound? They are like a marching band going before you. Do people greet you with a smile–or do they drop their eyes,  turn away and want to flee for their lives?  What music is your aura playing?

Raphael has said that souls do not have names because their DNA pattern of energy is a musical song that identifies them to one another. We are like that, too. No one has your song. Only you can sing it.

We are all mirrors to one another. That’s why people project their feelings and beliefs upon you, trying to imply that is who you are. But you’re not them. You are uniquely YOU–a being of Light Energy. Imagine your light shining like a Lighthouse, guiding others to a safe harbor–including your own ship. Be a light unto the world–guard your thoughts, for they are far more powerful than you can imagine. Your thoughts spin out your future, your life, your story. If their energy is of a higher frequency vibration, good will come back to you. If your thoughts are filled with fear, doubt, anger, anxiety, helplessness and hopelessness, you are going to experience unhappy moments that reflect these vibrations.

So, Powerful Person–what do you desire to create? Think about what thoughts travel through your mind during the day. Keep track of the number of positive, uplifting thoughts compared to the number of negative, cynical, critical, angry thoughts that pop into your head. Know that the most powerful thoughts backed by strong emotions will be those that create your future.

The Source of all Energy is called God/Source and many other names. This Divine Energy is given freely in abundance for each of us to use–without judgment or condemnation–and even without praise. It is just there. So use it wisely. Become the creator of your life. Your thoughts are powerful.  Use them wisely.

Blessing You with Abundant Power-Filled-Thoughts,

We are,

Betty Rae & Raphael

Problems Are Blessings!

Problems are Blessed Puzzles to be solved. 

The Secret is to raise our Emotional energy into the light Of joy.

Yes. The secret is to let go of anxiety and anticipate the solution with gladness and joy. Then when it comes, we can be amazed and grateful. But when we stew and worry about a problem, it’s like quicksand, we sink lower and lower, losing sleep and energy. With lowered energy, we cannot catch the brilliant ideas that flow from angels and guides. It becomes a huge catch 22.

Every single day we are challenged with problems and concerns. It could be a small matter of being stuck in traffic when we’re late for an appointment. When anger and frustration seem to want to take over, then is the time to take steps to raise your emotional energy. And how do you do that? Here are some simple steps.

  1. Relax the body. Lift your shoulders and then relax. Turn the head slowly first right and then left to relax the neck.
  2. Breathe slowly and deeply–so it does not raise the shoulders, but swells the abdomen.
  3. Turn your attention away from the problem and put yourself in a better place–in nature, beside water, fishing–whatever is a place of peace. Breathe in that image.
  4. Imagine–and igniting the imagination here is a power button–a happy event that warmed your heart. Hold that image until you find yourself smiling.
  5. Imagine your angel– a large being of divine light–right beside you. Ask for what you need.
  6. Breathe deeply to hold that peaceful place. Do not allow your mind to switch back to the problem.
  7. Perhaps you could sing a song, or say a prayer, or think of things to be grateful for.
  8. Then turn your attention back to the present situation and know that your need is being met in that moment.
  9. As ideas flow, follow them.
  10. Give grateful thanks for this Puzzle that was turned into a Blessing.

So, next time you find yourself in a situation, try these steps and see if they make a difference.

Here is a personal example: Last night the power went out in my two bedrooms and bathrooms. One bedroom is used for my office with a whole lot of electrical equipment, including my modem, computer, phone, and Internet, which also powers my TV. I found it funny that the nightlights in both bathrooms worked. Small blessings!

Of course, it meant that I would need to call in an electrician to exchange the 15 amp for a 25. The cost of that could have caused me to lose sleep.  But I used the above steps and knew my problem would be solved in due time. I grabbed a book and read until I was ready to sleep.

This morning I called a handyman to come and see why the circuit breaker in my office would not flip back on. We checked everything that might have tripped it, and found nothing. But then he saw a that a power-surge extension plug was on although only a small night light was plugged in. He turned it off and the power went back on! Such a simple thing.

Now I can wait until I can research electricians to find one who does not charge too much.

Blessings! Sometimes you have to power-search for them.


New! Introducing “The Halo Club!”

Dear Friends,

The Halo Club is a gathering of two or more people who seek spiritual growth through intellectual stimulation, group discussion, and meditation. Halo Club members reach for their highest creative potential as spiritual, mental, physical and emotional beings.  They meet in a setting of total acceptance, giving loving support while they share fun, laughter  and  refreshments.

Realizing that we are all One with God, the Halo Club  is open to people of all races, creeds and beliefs who come together with non-judgment and unconditional love.  Halo Club members become your personal Angelic cheering section, turning challenges into life’s joyous stepping stones.

I started the “Halo Club” way back in 1996 after teaching an adult-ed class in the local high school. It was called, “Come Play with the Angels”, which later became a published book with tapes. Each week I introduced a different Angelic attribute. “The Angel of Serenity” brought relaxation and meditation; “The Angel of Dreams” revealed how to remember and interpret dreams; “The Angel of the Stars” brought an angelic overview of how the planets and stars bring different energy to individuals; “The Angel of Creativity” challenged the class with a creative puzzle; “The Angel of Time” explored the  emotional and intellectual strings pulled by the concept of time; and “The Angel of Light” reviewed deeply rooted beliefs in “God” and the “power of good versus evil.”

The participants so enjoyed the course that they continued meeting once a week with me for two years. It was this group that named themselves, The Halo Club—Striving for Enlightenment.” 

You can learn more about it on another page on this web site. If you live in Brooksville, FL, and would like to join my Halo Club, call her at 352-848-3011 for dates and times. We review and discuss various metaphysical books of interest, have a guided meditation and then share refreshments.

If you don’t live near Brooksville, Florida and would like to start your own Halo Club, you can contact me and I will gladly send you information and encouragement in how to start your own group.

Always wishing you peace, harmony, prosperity, abundance and…enlightenment, I am

Betty Rae




Introducing “The Halo Club”

The Halo Club–Striving for Enlightenment

Dear Friends,

I am reintroducing “The Halo Club” as a gathering of two or more people who seek spiritual growth through intellectual stimulation, group discussion, and meditation. Halo Club members reach for their highest creative potential as spiritual, mental, physical and emotional beings.  Realizing that we are all One with God, the Halo Club  is open to people of all races, creeds and beliefs who come together in a setting of total acceptance, giving loving support while they share fun, laughter  and  refreshments. Halo Club members become your personal cheering section, turning life’s challenges into joyous stepping stones to a raised consciousness that see all things as good.

History of the Halo Club

In 1996, the Halo Club began as a six-week class called, “Come, Play with the Angels.,” that I offered  through adult education. Each week I introduced a different Angelic attribute: “The Angel of Serenity” brought relaxation and meditation; “The Angel of Dreams” revealed how to remember and interpret dreams; “The Angel of the Stars” brought an angelic overview of how the planets and stars bring different energy to individuals; “The Angel of Creativity” challenged the class with a creative puzzle; “The Angel of Time” explored the  emotional and intellectual strings pulled by the concept of time; and “The Angel of Light” reviewed deeply rooted beliefs in “God” and the “power of good versus evil.”

The participants so enjoyed the course that we continued meeting once a week for two years. It was this group that named themselves, The Halo Club—Striving for Enlightenment.”.

Join Betty Rae’s Halo Club or Start Your Own!

I now live in Brooksville, Florida. You may attend my monthly Halo Club or begin a chapter of your own. No matter where you live, it is possible for me to join you on Skype, or by simply putting the phone on speaker for at least through the first six sessions as I teach your group the various “Angelic Attributes” as mentioned above as well as the protocol for the group. I have learned though many years of teaching (of students from 2 years of age to adults for over 30 years but also as a spiritual adviser) that groups need a format, a set of rules to avoid the pitfalls that can turn a group sour. Some of these pitfalls are: one person monopolizing the conversation; someone judging or criticizing; someone finding fault or having a negative attitude; someone who wants to give sage advise when it has not been asked for–etc. etc. etc.

It is said that “Wherever two or more are gathered in my name…” to that I add, “angels dance.”  Come Dance with Me! Like the movie, together we learn the beginning steps of enlightenment until we are floating over Earth’s dance floor.

For more information on my Florida Halo Club

or for the format and organization of your own group.

Call 352-848-3011. 




What in the World is Happening?

Is the World Going to Hell in a Handbasket?

With all the media hype, it would seem Armageddon is near. With wars, murders, terrorists, deception in government, etc. etc. etc., is it any wonder people live in fear and anxiety? Is it any wonder there is a lack of trust in the government, in one another, even in God?

And yet Raphael says, “Be at peace! Know that you are divinely guided each moment. Know that your goal in being human is to be happy, to be creative, to bring goodness, peace, harmony and love to your individual world and thus to the entire planet. It begins with YOU! That ‘Hundredth Monkey’ is the evolution of humankind’s development out of fear and anxiety and into love and trust.”

With so many people suffering from depression, illness, and feeling unloved, that is a hart-to-believe idea. And yet, each person’s goal in life is to be a co-creator with God, to take the divine energy and manifest joyous creations of the perfect job that brings more than enough to pay bills, of that perfect partner who compliments rather than “saves” you from manifesting your own needs. It is each individual’s divine purpose to first create the inner peace “that surpasses understanding” and then watch how it spreads to the entire world.

WE ARE ONE…and what you do and think and feel affects all of us. So when you read about discord and disharmony, stop what you are doing and imagine a balm of peace coating the world like a layer of pink Petal Bismal! Imagine angels hovering over war-torn areas on the planet and see people putting down guns and embracing one another. Wherever disharmony exists go there with unconditional love and embrace it within your heart. Hold that image until you feel at peace, until your own anxiety dissipates.

We are made up of divine energy.

We have the power of the divine to create. It is your choice.

What are you creating?????

I’m Moving to Florida!

Sunny Florida–Here I Come!

When Spirit speaks, I listen, but I never dreamed that when visiting a friend in Florida, Spirit would lead me to a sweet little home in a 55+ community. I saw it on Monday, put a bid on it on Tuesday, and closed on Friday before noon! And everything has lined up to make my move swift and easy. Amazing!

It has been a lesson in trust that the Divine Plan for my life is unfolding perfectly. Of course my daughter and family are disappointed to see me go, but they are happy for me as well. Today I said goodbye to my Unity of Light friends and their love brought tears to my eyes. I shall always hold dear my two years in Bowie, Maryland.

I look forward to meeting and making new friends in Brooksville, Florida (40 minutes north of Tampa). My dear friend Pam has already introduced me to several like-minded people who look forward to experiencing Raphael and company. I know I shall be kept busy. I also plan to create new mosaics, and, of course, get more work done on that 11 foot rug!

As I told my departing friends today, “I am only a phone call away.” And if you need the wisdom of Raphael, do not hesitate to call me at 443-716-6768. It has been my joy to meet new spiritual friends from all around the world through this web page. If we have not met yet, I’m sure your angels have guided you to this blog so that we can.

Blessings in Abundance to You!

Betty Rae


Are You Up for an “Emmy” Award?

You Have Been Nominated

For “Best Actor!”

Look around you. Take a close look at your life and say, “Gee! Look what I’ve created!” If you like what you see, then you are up for a “Best Actor” award because you are the creator of a Wonderful Life.

Raphael reminds you that your role on Earth’s stage is one of many you have played in the past. Each time you put on a human “costume” and enter the physical dimension, you act out the story that has been written by your soul with the help of God through your Council of Elders, angels, and guides. The outline of your story was written even before you were conceived. You chose your DNA from your father and mother, as well as the time of your birth to set the energy of the planets and stars as both helpers and challengers to your story’s plot. You chose your place of birth, religious affiliation and each family member’s soul story as the background to tell your unique story. Your main purpose for entering Earth’s Stage is to create a beautiful life by overcoming each fear and challenge and becoming the hero/heroine of your story.

You have invited other actors to play supporting actors who cheer you on as friends, favorite teachers, counselors, spiritual guides, etc. You have also chosen soul actors to play the antagonist roles that will challenge you and make your story interesting.

Your guardian angel acts as the cue-master in the wings, bringing on your stage the people and experiences at the exact moment in your life to keep your story moving and exciting.

Since you are not given a script, you have to ad lib like crazy. But that also means your Free Will makes you responsible for your story being either exciting, interesting and satisfying, or dull, boring and disastrous. But, since you are in charge, at any time we can alter your story. It takes a strong determination to raise your consciousness out of anxiety, fear and doubt to turn what seems impossible, not only possible, but amazing. When you lift up your mind and heart to trust your own divine guidance, and to know that you are loved immensely without judgement or conditions, then you can begin to trust that God has not abandoned you here on this dark stage.

We remind you of the two precious ingredients to create the award-winning story: Love & Trust.  Love your life; trust yourself to create what you desire. Let go of anxiety and all negative thinking that will lower your energy and pull you down. Determine to keep happy thoughts about being able to solve problems by keeping your mind and heart open to your angels and guides who so desire to help you, but cannot unless you ask.

You are the star of your drama; the spotlight is always on you. Know that when you open your mind and choose to become aware of the inspirational ideas and flashes of images constantly beaming down upon you, you can and will find solutions to each challenge. And when you do, you will win that “Best Actor” award.

Blessings on Creating a Wonderful Life!

Betty Rae & Raphael